In the Spotlight – Lauren Littauer Briggs

Lauren Briggs’ compassion for comforting those in crisis began with the deaths of her two younger brothers, the first coming when she was just seven years old. After marriage, Lauren’s grandmother lived with the family in her last days and Lauren has been there through the cancer battles with several friends. She is also on the steering committee and serves as treasurer of the local chapter of The Compassionate Friends. From this depth of experience comes Lauren’s book The Art of Helping — What to Say and Do when Someone is Hurting (Life Journey, 2003).

Her message is one of awareness for what people need when they are going through difficult times and how you can meet some of those needs and be a part of the healing process.


As the oldest daughter of nationally known speaker and author, Florence Littauer, Lauren comes by her speaking and writing talents naturally. Her best-selling book, The Art of Helping – What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting, is a practical hands-on guide to use in a wide variety of daily situations. Endorsed by nationally known speakers such as Emilie Barnes, Patsy Clairmont, and Marilyn Heavilin, this book demonstrates the lost art of graciousness and compassion—a much needed essential in today’s busy world. Lauren teamed with Florence and Marita Littauer, her mother and sister, to write another must-have book, Making The Blue Plate Special –The Joy of Family Legacies. This step-by-step resource encourages families to enjoy and preserve their family traditions as well as create new ones.


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