I AM Says, "You Are…" by CJ Rapp

iam-cover_1952Do you know who you are? Do you realize that in Christ you have a rock solid identity?

I AM says, “You Are…” is a Bible study devotion for independent or small group use. The purpose of this book is to reinforce your identity in Christ. Over the course of thirty days, you will identity patterns of thinking that contradict God’s Word and threaten healthy self-esteem and learn to replace those thoughts with the treasure, the truth, found in Scripture.

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One comment

  1. I love the “I AM” usage and studied it for a hermeneutics class in seminary. God – Yahweh – revealed Himself in the OT as “I AM” and that’s what made the NT pharisees so mad at Jesus — in their minds, he had the nerve to refer to himself in the language of Yahweh.
    This book sounds like a terrific Bible study devotion. Thanks for the interview and attention to the book. Best wishes to CJ.


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