Ba-ooon! Thanksgiving to the Father by Debbie Taylor Williams

“Baooon!  Baooon!”  With a worried look, two year old Logan turned his face toward me then pointed to the ceiling.  “Baooon!”  he repeated, pointing to his blue birthday balloon that had drifted to the vaulted ceiling.

“I know, Logan. I’m sorry, but Mimi can’t reach it.”

“Baooon!  Baooon!” he determinedly pointed, not accepting my reply.  Fretfully, he looked to his mama, “Baooon!  Baooon!”

“Logan, Mommy can’t reach it.  I’m sorry.”

“Baooon!  Baooon!” Logan repeated as he stood in the circle of family that had gathered for his birthday.  You could almost read his mind, “Can’t anyone get that balloon off the ceiling?”

Turning toward his granddaddies, he again made his request known; not accepting that it was impossible to reach the top of the high ceiling. “Baooon!  Baooon!” he pointed out to them.

Grandmother Edie who was walking upstairs, showed Logan that although she tried, her arms couldn’t reach the balloon.  Unsatisfied, Logan repeated “baooon!” continuing to point to the blue balloon adrift beyond anyone’s reach.  Numerous attempts to distract little one were to no avail.  Watching him, I observed one who would one day stand determinedly for what he wanted.  However, on this occasion, his stamina and conviction seemed to no avail.

Then, quietly, without a word, I noticed Logan’s daddy rise and go into the utility room.  As typical with Chris, there was no fanfare.  I watched him return with an extension rod and knew immediately that Logan was going to get his wish.  Logan didn’t yet know what his father was doing.

“Baooon” Logan once again repeated.  “Yes, Logan.  Your balloon is on the ceiling and none of us could get it, but your daddy can.  Watch!”

With all eyes glued on Chris, he climbed the stairs, then extended the narrow silver rod more and more until it reached the baooon.  “Yeah!”  Cheers went up.  “Daddy got the balloon!”  As quietly as he had climbed the stairs, Chris descended and handed the blue balloon to his son.  The once fretful face that had looked to all of us to no avail now grinned ear to ear as he looked at his father.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we celebrate for many reasons. Traditionally, we remember the Pilgrims celebration of the first harvest.  However, let us not be remiss in also turning a smiling face to God.  We, like Logan, may have fretfully looked about to others during the past year, then found it was God alone who accomplished our requests.

In addition, if this season we are fretful, let us not forget that Jesus told us “…do not be worried…” Mt 6:25, “Do not worry…” Mt 6:31, “So do not worry…” Mt 6:35.  Instead of fretting, let us do as Christ taught and Logan modeled.  Let us ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking, knock and keep knocking, remembering Jesus said, “Everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened,” Mt 7:7-8.

We may find ourselves as Logan did for a period of time, asking and not seeing our Father moving.  But trust Him, He is.  As Chris heard his child’s plea, our Father hears ours.  There may not be any fanfare as He quietly moves, but if we wait and watch, we will find our Father moving in accordance to our pleas and His will.

Logan longed for his balloon and let his father know about it.  For what does your heart long?  Why not tell your Father right now?  Then, use this Thanksgiving season to look heavenward, smile, and thank Him for His answers.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God,” Philippians 4:6.

Heavenly Father, thank You that You are always present to hear my prayers. Thank You that nothing is too difficult for You.  I love You and praise You for Your love, guidance, protection, and help.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Debbie’s passion for Christ is evident in her energetic style and insightful personality. Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 29, Debbie brings spiritual maturity and biblical depth to her audiences. Her spiritual beauty and willingness to be led by God bring a relevant message to women of all ages, backgrounds and denominations. Debbie is an authentic servant of Christ with a focus to encourage, challenge and inspire her audiences to become women of passion, purpose and prayer.To find out how to have Debbie speak for your group, please visit: 



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