Why Event Planners Choose Christian Speaker Services

1. At CSS, we represent people not just speakers. We know our speakers and their passions, we’ve heard their presentations. We know how to best recommend them for events based on your needs and on your event budget.

2. Your time is precious. One call or email to CSS puts you in contact with a broad selection of speakers so that you can spend time planning your event.

3. We strive to bring your the highest level of professionalism our speakers possess. Your event deserves a trained professional.

4. The purpose of CSS is not just to book any speaker for any event. It’s to find the right speaker with the right message for your event. We’ll spend time talking with you to get a better feel for what your audience needs and what your event budget will allow.

5. Our speaker/event agreements protect both you and our speakers. You’ll know right up front what is expected from everyone, giving you peace of mind that will enable you to focus on other areas of your event.

6. At CSS, our goal is to find the right speaker for your event—this may require discussions on everything from goals to budget. Because this is our business, we are able to be your sounding board to help in the development of your event.

7. In the event of an unforeseen emergency on your part or on the part of a speaker, we have an available pool of professional speakers able to meet your needs.

8. Not all speakers are created equal. Make an informed decision. Available 24/7 – music / audio / video clips, books, bios, and presentation topics are available on each speaker’s page to aid you in making the best choice for your event. We’ll also send you speaker demo presentations and materials upon request.

9. Event planners resources available in the Event Planner Services area to help your event be the best possible.

10. Most importantly, we care about the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ reaching those who need help, hope and healing! For more information on how CSS can help you with your speaker needs for your next event, please contact CSS.

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