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We are delighted to be kicking off the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK Blog Tour with author, Kathi Macias. 

People of the Book is the fourth and final book in your Extreme Devotion series. Each book is set in a different country, with the theme of first devotion and commitment to Christ above all else running through all four. How is People of the Book different, and who/what inspired you to write this book?

People of the Book was the most difficult of the four Extreme Devotion series books to write, but it is also the strongest when it comes to a call to personal commitment to Christ and to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. With each of the books, I began drafting the manuscripts through Internet research, since I had never lived in any of the four countries and had only visited one of them. After the original draft, I worked with someone who either currently lived in the country or who had recently spent many years there. People of the Book was the toughest because the Saudi women I connected with via the Internet were understandably apprehensive about associating with me. Most, in fact, were terrified to do so. I was therefore quite pleased to meet a young woman named Dolly Dahdal here in the States who, until just a few years ago, had spent the majority of her life in Saudi Arabia and understood perfectly why I had chosen to write this book. We shared a passion to help expose the fallacy of “honor killings,” a horrific crime perpetrated primarily against women and girls who in some way bring “dishonor” on their Muslim families, and Dolly was a major contributor to the authenticity of this book.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of this story?

Eighteen-year-old Farah, who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her family, wants nothing more than to develop a deeper, more meaningful devotion to her Muslim faith. She sees the month of Ramadan as her chance to draw nearer to Allah, and she pursues that goal throughout the holiday. All goes well until the prophet Isa—Jesus—appears to her in a dream and calls her to Himself. At the same time, her only brother, Kareem, who has never liked Farah, actively seeks an opportunity to expose her for the sham he believes she is.

Meanwhile, Farah’s seventeen-year-old cousin, Nura, has begun to frequent an online chat room where former Muslims gather to discuss their new faith, based on their belief that Isa is much more than a Muslim prophet—He is actually the Son of God. While there, Nura becomes acquainted with an American girl of Muslim ancestry—now a devout Christian named Sara—and a friendship quickly develops. However, Sara has problems of her own due to her fifteen-year-old brother Emir’s involvement with a gang.

The lives of Farah, Nura, and Sara ultimately dovetail until each finds herself at a place where her faith is put to the test. Will they remain faithful to the end? Will God protect and keep them safe in the midst of persecution and treachery? Or will they be required to pay the ultimate price for their faith?

Kathi Macias

Kathi, how did you get into writing? Has it always been your passion, or is it something you came to later in life?

I’ve always wanted to write, for as long as I can remember. I was an avid reader even before I started kindergarten. I wrote a short story in third grade that the teacher liked so much she showed it to the principal, and they decided to turn it into a play for the entire PTA. I was hooked! One day when I was about 13, I was walking home from school with my then boyfriend (now husband), Al, and I told him I’d be a writer some day. He often reminds me how blessed I am to have been able to do what I dreamed of all my life.

In addition to writing, you are a popular speaker at women’s event, writers’ conferences, and various venues around the country. How can people find out more about you, your writing and speaking, sign up for your weekly devotional newsletter (in English or Spanish), and/or just view your many book videos, etc.?

They can find me at one of my websites (; or on my Easy Writer blog at There is a “contact” button on my Kathi Macias website if they’d like to send me a message. I always respond to all my emails!



  1. This book sounds very interesting!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Andi Zamora for posting a comment during our blog tour for PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. She will be receiving the complete EXTREME DEVOTION series from Kathi Macias.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO PATSY! She has been selected to receive a FREE copy of PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Kathi Macias.

    Patsy … please check your email for info on how to receive your book.


  4. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I just returned from teaching at a writers’ conference which Dolly attended. It was so good to see this courageous young (former) Saudi citizen again. Please join me in praying that this book will help expose the suffering of so many, particularly women and most particularly Christian women, in the Saudi society and other Muslim countries. We need to stand by them every way we can!


  5. Would love the opportunity to read People of the Book..what a timely read for that!


  6. I was so excited to read People of the Book, after reading the overviewof the book. I know very little of other country’s faiths and was horrified to discover the truths in this book. Please thank Dolly for her courage to share with you. I know how much I need to pray for these women.

    Reading this book also created a deep desire to read EVERY OTHER book in this series (You don’t have to like something to accept it – however, it is necessary to be educated/knowledgeable about everything)! Winning the contest would be the most amazing blessing to me!

    Thank you so much for making this contest available! God bless you!


  7. Ladette Kerr · ·

    I have Red Ink and People of the Book, but I would LOVE to read the other two books. If I won all four, I would donate the set to the church library after I read them all!


  8. Kathi has done a wonderful job on the first three books in this series. I look forward to reading this last book in the series. I know it will be nothing less that awesome.
    This series has encouraged me and also convicted me as I have read it.
    Surely if the people who find themselves in these situations can live a strong faith, I should be stronger than I am in mine.


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  11. Tracy Smith · ·

    This series of books sounds very good and really interesting. I would love the chance to read them!!!

    Thank you for having this giveaway.

    countrysunset40 at aol dot com


  12. Susan Manchester · ·

    I would be over the moon if I won this book. This is a series that will be life-changing, and I cannot wait to get this last book, and begin the adventure.


  13. Would love to read People of the Book. The reviews sound like it’s a great book.


  14. I’ve read rave reviews about your series and feel privileged to have been able to review People of the Book. I can certainly understand how apprehensive the women must have been when you approached them for more information that would help you write this book. I’m glad you were able to get it accomplished. Like Jenn said above — keep writing, as we will keep reading. 🙂


  15. I loved this book. I’ve already passed my copy on to someone and it continues to travel. Thank you for hosting this tour. It was such an awesome experience to read “People of the Book.” It still has me pondering my commitment to Christ along with a lot of other things.


  16. Jennifer Dove · ·

    I was very moved by the description of “People of the Book”. I was moved so much that it is currently at the top of my reading list. My Book club has discussed reading this book this year, I would love that! Blessings to you and the faith and perseverance it has taken to research and accurately describe the series of events i this book, this series! It is writers such as yourself that make me feel blessed to have the ability to read, and live in a country that does not have control of those actions. Keep writing, I will keep reading!!


    1. Thank you, Jenn! Your response is just the sort that warms and encourages a writer’s heart. Many blessings to you and the members of your book club! If you decide to read the book, please let me know, will you?


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