On the search team to find a speaker? Ask a few questions before starting …

Are you on the team or committee to find the speaker for your next event? Does someone else (i.e. Women’s Ministry Director or Pastor) have the final decision-making authority? If so, ask them a few questions BEFORE you launch out into finding the speaker for your event.

Ask questions such as:

  • What speakers has your group had in the past and what did they like, or dislike, about them?
  • What is the budget for the speaker’s fee?
  • Have they ever hired a professional speaker before?
  • Is their anything they want to avoid in the next speaker?
  • Is there anything they specifically want from the next speaker?
  • Does the speaker need to be local, or do they prefer a national-level speaker?

There’s many more questions the search team or person should know that are specific to each church group or situation, so to build a comprehensive list would be impossible. However, a few questions upfront can save time and effort for the person doing the searching, as well as the speaker agency they might contact.

At Christian Speaker Services, we take each inquiry seriously and want to find the right speaker with the right message for your group. Yet, we are often approached by search team members who LOVE a speaker on our roster. After spending time discussing their needs and working with them, the information is taken back to the decision maker only to find out that speaker candidate is way off track from what the decision maker is wanting. Disappointment for all involved at this point, and time wasted.

So … the next time you are given the task to find the speaker … stop, have a chat with the appropriate decision makers, and then come by Christian Speaker Services. We are always available to help you and want your experience in finding the right speaker to be enjoyable and rewarding. Contact us today at 800.871.9012 ext. 40250 or CLICK HERE.

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