Why Should an Event/Meeting Planner Secure a Speaker through an Agency?

As a booking agency, we are here to serve both the speaker and the meeting planner. We work on behalf of both.

Here are a couple of questions that are most often asked by meeting planners:

Does it cost more to book a speaker through an agency?

Not at all. Instead of the speaker spending their valuable time with preliminary discussions and paperwork, they choose to use an agency. This allows for the speaker to focus on preparing for booked events, writing their next book, working on their next project, or having quality family time. For the meeting planner, it allows for them to connect with many speakers at once who have been screened and have met certain qualifications.

What is the benefit of booking through an agency? Can’t I go directly to the speaker?

A speaker chooses to have a booking agency on their team to help the direct the flow of speaking inquiries and help them manage their professional ministry more effectively. The booking agency is on board to take the time to have the conversations needed to ensure the group looking for a speaker and the speaker are a good fit, as well as answer the myriad of questions in the process. The agency also provides the professional agreements to ensure all parties involved understand the terms of the event and the speaker’s obligations for the event.

An added bonus of booking through is agency for both the speaker and sponsor is that disagreements unfortunately do occur, and either party might have to cancel the date. In either case, the booking agency steps in to ensure that both parties meet their obligations as stated in the agreements and can often work out an alternative date or offer an alternative speaker, if needed.

Finally, at Christian Speakers Services, the meeting planners can rest assured that our speakers have proven credentials and experience. This is why we represent a select few speakers instead of having hundreds of names on our roster.

We value relationship and partnership at Christian Speakers Services. We look forward to helping both the speaker and the event planner have the best experience possible.

We hope you’ll contact us for your next event and let us help you find the right speaker, in the right budget range, with the right message for your group.

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