Sizzle or Substance? What do you look for in a Christian speaker? | Karen Power

I was recently talking with an event planner trying to explore various options for a speaker for an upcoming event. This ministry leader commented, “I’m looking for speakers who are HOT.” All I could think of, and not verbalize, at that moment was, “Really? HOT is the criteria for booking a Christian speaker these days?”

Have we come to a place in planning our events that we are more focused on sizzle than ministering with substance to the needs of hurting people in our group?

Can we have both? Sometimes. Most often though, when looking at the long-term effectiveness of meeting real life needs … probably not. Like the smell of a delicious hot-off-the-grill steak … sizzle fades.

There a many Christian communicators who have had tremendous or sensational events occur in their lives who have made a big splash in the media. But what happens after the TV show ends, the book publicist moves on to the next client, or the spotlight fades from the stage?

Would you rather have someone minister to your group who has a proven track record of God continuously working through their life’s circumstances? While they might not make the top TV shows, or have a New York Times best selling book, they are faithful to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. They have gone through the fire, faced fear, picked themselves up, raised their family through good and bad, and come out on the other side more solid, more sound, and more sure they are going in the right direction … and willing to share their life lessons with others who need it … sharing substance, not sizzle. Unfortunately, many of these Christian speakers get overlooked in favor of celebrity.

I would like to invite you to take a few minutes to review the speakers on the Christian Speakers Services roster. These men and women are not just names on a list. Each one has completed a strict process to prove they are living what they teach on stage. They are held accountable to live in accordance with God’s word. They have stories of how God has time and time again been there, delivered them, and are able to share what they’ve learned in the process. Some are multi-published, award-winning, authors. All are daughters and sons of the risen King! I can personally vouch that each individual on the CSS roster loves ministering one-on-one to those who need hope and healing, and yet will stand before any group — large or small — to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So if you are looking for a speaker for your next event who has substance, solid Bible teaching, and real-life experience living what they believe … CLICK HERE.


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  1. What a joy to be a Christian Speakers Services speaker!


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