We’re going there … Poppy Smith Talks on Sex, Power and Serving God

Sex, Power and Serving God

Sex and Power is a dangerous combination tripping up many Christians working in ministry and the marketplace. Offering fresh and much needed insights into this growing problem, Poppy will help you:

  • Recognize that power can be used and abused by both genders
  • Discover hidden ways both genders attract, and what to watch for in yourself
  • Review your own areas of vulnerability
  • Plan your personal course of action based on your deepest values.

(Suitable for denominational gatherings, Christian leadership mission conferences, women’s events, marriage conferences, etc.)

Sex and Power in the Workplace

This workshop presents the same helpful information as “Sex, Power and Serving God” tailored to a secular audience. Ideal for HR presentations.


With her fun personality and inspirational style, Poppy Smith motivates her listeners to thrive spiritually and personally. Poppy makes following God come alive through her practical, how-to presentations.

Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles to be more like Jesus, Poppy encourages women (and men, at times) to grow in every kind of situation—whether joyful or painful!

As a nationally and internationally recognized speaker, Poppy helps audiences across the country and around the world to cultivate a more dynamic walk with God. She is a former Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader and has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Direction. She has spoken across the United States, in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., as well as several countries in Africa and Asia.

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