Favorite Things Friday | James H. Pence

FavoriteThingsWe want you to get to know our speakers as real people. Maybe you enjoy some of their favorite things. We’re kicking off our inaugural post for FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY with James H. Pence (you can call him, Jim).

Jim has been called a Renaissance man. He’s an accomplished speaker, singer, performance chalk artist, and author. He sees these varied abilities as different-colored threads on a single tapestry. He’s a storyteller, sharing modern-day “God stories” through the spoken word, art, music, and writing.

  • Favorite movie — To Kill a Mockingbird 
  • Favorite book — Lightning (by Dean Koontz) 
  • Favorite secular song — Bring Him Home (from Les Mis) 
  • Favorite Christian song / worship / hymn — Before the Throne of God Above 
  • Favorite band (Christian and/or secular) — Peter, Paul and Mary 
  • Favorite dessert — Anything with chocolate 
  • Favorite meal or type of food — Prime Rib (medium rare, please!) 
  • Favorite place to visit in the United States — Alaska (on my bucket list!) 
  • Favorite place to visit outside of the US — Peru (where my wife grew up) 
  • Favorite pet — Skeeter, the most awesome lap dog on the planet 
  • Favorite color — Burgundy 
  • Favorite TV show (past or present) — America’s Got Talent 
  • Favorite version of the Bible — NIV 
  • Favorite sport — Football (to watch); Karate (to do) 
  • Favorite thing to do when not working — Spend time with my lovely wife, Laurel 
  • What makes you laugh? — Watching Skeeter (our dog) and Banana (our cat) harass each other 
  • What makes you cry? — Watching the TV news 
  • Favorite beverage — Diet Coke
Now that you know more about Jim Pence, please consider inviting him to be the guest speaker for your group’s event. CLICK HERE to find out how.
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