Favorite Things Friday | Debbie Hannah Skinner

FavoriteThingsWe want you to get to know our speakers as real people. Maybe you enjoy some of their favorite things.. This week we are checking in with Debbie Hannah Skinner.

Debbie Hannah Skinner brings her audiences a powerful message that is firmly grounded in Scripture and presented with the soft Southern sensitivity and sense of humor she acquired while growing up in Alabama. Sometimes Debbie paints as she speaks, other times she uses her paintings as visual aids. Either way, by using the same creativity required to create a masterpiece painting, she custom designs her presentations to meet the unique needs of your group.

  • Favorite movie  – Pride and Prejudice / While You Were Sleeping / The Blind Side
  • Favorite book – Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon; The Valley of Vision
  • Favorite secular song – Any music made by The Piano Guys or Jim Brickman or David Lanz
  • Favorite Christian song / worship / hymn – 10,000 Reasons (Bless The LORD O My Soul) / Blessings by Laura Storey / Blessed Assurance
  • Favorite band (Christian and/or secular) – Selah
  • Favorite dessert – Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • Favorite meal or type of food – Steak, homemade rolls, salad, potato / Mexican food / Fruit
  • Favorite place to visit in the United States – Alabama- Tuscaloosa (my hometown) and Gulf Shores
  • Favorite place to visit outside of the US – Israel (I’ve been 3 times and long to go again)
  • Favorite pet – Our Poo-Zu
  • Favorite color – (Tie) Purple and Turquoise
  • Favorite TV show (past or present) – Downton Abbey
  • Favorite version of the Bible – NIV
  • Favorite sport – (To watch) football and tennis / (To play) golf
  • Favorite thing to do when not working – Bike ride or paint or travel (Doing all 3 is the bomb!)
  • What makes you laugh? – Funny pictures and sayings
  • What makes you cry? – Rejection – felt by me or experienced by others
  • Favorite beverage – Route 44 … iced tea with one lime and 2 sweet-n-lows from Sonic (I love their ice!)


Debbie Hannah Skinner loves to speak for women’s events of any kind! Find out how to have Debbie as the guest speaker for your event, CLICK HERE


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