Recommended Reading | Boomerangs to Arrows | Sharon Norris Elliott


In the face of high unemployment rates, rising costs of living, economic recession, and the present generation’s general malaise, many parents feel obligated to offer prolonged housing and financial assistance to young adult offspring. But as time passes, how can these boomerang children be transformed into arrows loosed from the parental quiver?

Based upon an in–depth study of Psalm 127, Boomerangs to Arrows empowers parents to prepare themselves and their adult children for the time when those kids must be launched into independent, grown-up lives.

Chapters include wisdom for:

  • Quivered Arrows
  • Sanded Arrows
  • Broken Arrows
  • Bent Arrows
  • Coated Arrows
  • Flying Arrows

Also includes “Step Bows and Step Arrows,” a chapter for those co-parenting a spouse’s child!

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