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/sēk/ verb

  • attempt to find (something).
synonyms: search for, try to find, look for, be on the lookout for, be after, hunt for, be in quest of

Seek.  This time of year we’re all doing it.  We seek to find the right gifts.  We seek to make special memories.  We seek to find time to decorate our homes. We seek sales.  We seek to remain half-way sane in the midst of a busy season with loads of traffic, long lines and Christmas lights that stop working even after we’ve tested them. We seek to be kind, patient and loving—even when we don’t feel particularly kind, patient or loving.

2013-csslogo-square-300-CHRISTMASYes, this is the month of seeking.

I’ve made a conscience choice this December. In the midst of my seeking all these things, I’m taking time to remember to seek the One who’s the giver of all these things. And let me tell you, it’s making all the difference.

But maybe you’re thinking I know.  You’re right.  I really should find the time to seek Christ. But it’s just so hard to find the time….It does seem hard, doesn’t it?  I understand. But consider Ann Voscamp’s insightful quote:

“They say time is money, but that’s not true. Time is life. And if I want the fullest life, I need to find fullest time…

God gives us time. And who has time for God?

Which makes no sense.”
In the midst of your busy December, take a few minutes each day:

  • To read the gospel of Matthew (I’m doing it and loving it!)
  • Or Luke (the birth of Jesus is explained in chapters one and two)
  • Or John (it’s a great book for someone new to the Bible)
  • Or maybe you’ll want to read Seek.  Or give Seek to a friend, family member or neighbor. Who knows…someone you know just might be seeking this season, and your gift could be the answer to her prayers.

As we seek the stuff that makes Christmas, let’s also seek most the one who made Christmas.



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Seldom can a speaker relate to young and old, seeker and veteran of the faith all at the same time – but somehow Donna Jones does. Whether she’s speaking to one thousand or to one, Donna is passionate about helping women know, love and follow Christ in their real, everyday lives. She wants to know, love and follow Jesus this way herself.

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