We go the extra mile … for you!


If you are planning an event and know that your budget is tight, no problem.

There are many ways to bring in a professional speaker for your event and cover the speaker’s honorarium as well as their expenses.

Through our many years of working with meeting planners, we have been able to successfully help with creative ways of raising funds and enable the group to bring in the speaker they desire. Our speakers are flexible with their fees whenever possible and within reason to help in these situations too.  

There are many great groups, organizations, and ministries planning events for 2014 and beyond. As much as we would like to have one of our speakers at each of these events. As a ministry, our speakers do as many events as possible. As good stewards of the resources God has given them, they are selective and prayerfully consider each speaking inquiry. As such their time to prepare for each event, work with each group, travel, and speak for the actual event is time-consuming. We hope you agree that their time, talent, expertise and ability to focus on each person at the event is worthy of compensation. 

While we can’t promise that we can always work it out so that the speaker’s fee is within a group’s budget, we do promise to go the extra mile to explore the possibility! 

We are always willing to help you … the meeting planners and ministry leaders … find the right speaker for your women’s, men, youth, single mom, luncheon/banquet, civic, faith-based or other event! Please contact our office at 800.871.9012 ext. 40250 or visit our website

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