God’s To-Do List | In the Spotlight with Donna Jones

Are you a list maker or a “live by the seat of your pants” girl?

I like my “to do” list. It keeps me on task.

Except when it doesn’t.

Like this week.

Interruptions, spur of the moment events (some of them fun; some not-so-much), unforeseen traffic jams and plain old summer laziness converged to create the perfect storm, where my “to- do” list kept growing and with it the gnawing feeling that I wasn’t getting everything done I’d promised myself I would do (like write a blog, for instance).

Summertime tends to throw things out of whack that way, don’t you think?

But … and this is a big BUT … because I didn’t do everything on my to-do list I ended up doing everything on God’s to-do list. At least I think I did.

It’s funny how often we tell each other that interruptions are “God’s opportunity for something better” but live as if interruptions are just that—interruptions. Something to be avoided if at all possible. As if my plans for the day supersede God’s plans for my day. As if my “to do” list is the be all, end all, of life.

Don’t get me wrong. We all need goals and tracks to run on, otherwise we’d do nothing but live without purpose or meaning. But every once in a while we need to throw our agendas out the window and embrace God’s agenda.

Case in point: On Wednesday our church planned an evening beach bonfire. I’d had a super busy day and when I finally walked in my door I felt bone tired and wanted nothing more than to kick off my shoes and watch something mindless on TV or maybe even tackle some of my unfinished “to-do’s”. Normally I would have done just that; except I couldn’t shake the gnawing feeling that I needed to go to the bonfire. Honestly, the beach bonfire (something I usually love) felt like a giant wrench in my plans. Finally, though, JP and I grabbed our sweatshirts, threw our beach chairs in the back of my SUV and headed to the beach.

At first we didn’t recognize anyone at the bonfire. Why are we even here? I wondered.

But soon it became clear. I ended up meeting a precious 19-year-old who’s been clean and sober for just four months. We talked deeply about God and our stories and I fell in love with her.

Yesterday I threw my plans out the window and went shopping with my sister and mom—something we don’t do nearly enough. None of us bought anything worth mentioning but we laughed so hard and talked so much I came home hoarse. One peek at the goofy pictures of my mom and sister and you’ll know why we laughed so hard.

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