Shake It Off! … by Victorya Rogers

victoryarogers-shakeitoffShake it off, shake it off. Oh yeah, shake it off, shake it off.
I love that song. It’s a happy, catchy tune recently released by my 12 year old’s favorite singer Taylor Swift. But I love the overall message—just shake it off. Someone may be trying to get you down or saying bad things about you or trying to steal your joy or much worse, but shake it off. Stay on course for the goal. What is your goal? What is your calling and what are you striving for? If you don’t know, start there—ask God to reveal his purpose for your life. Write down what he reveals to you (feel free to write whatever comes to mind and don’t edit as your write. Allow yourself to be free to dream, even if for right now it is for your eyes and God’s only).

If you haven’t discovered this yet, life is so daily! Every single day brings distraction, disasters and diversions from your calling. Hang in there! Don’t give up. The thrilling life is not the perfect life. The thrilling life is the John 10:10 life—the abundant life lived out in the midst of the daily life. “Jesus came that we might have life and have life more abundantly”. I’d passionately believe Jesus came to offer us this thrilling despite what comes our way. Yes we will face storms but the thrilling life is thriving in the MIDST of those storms. I’m not talking about being a phony and leading everyone to believe things are perfect when they clearly are not. I’m talking about trusting God in the midst of the pay and allowing joy to come in the midst of the mourning and the morning!

I don’t know what today brought you. Maybe someone said something hurtful. Maybe your spouse left. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you just received devastating results from your doctor. Or maybe you are just down and don’t know why. Shake it off. Take every thought captive and bring to them to Jesus right now. I know that I know that God is who He says He is. Has has a plan for your life—even in the midst of TODAY’s journey. Shake it off.


Victorya Rogers inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. A former Hollywood agent, Victorya is a popular speaker at colleges and Christian organizations and churches. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks around the country at universities, churches, conferences, women’s retreats, single’s groups, youth groups, and women’s luncheons. This author of four books has appeared on hundreds of radio programs including “Focus on the Family” and many television talk shows including Living the Life.  Find out how to have VICTORYA ROGERS as the guest speaker for your group’s event, CLICK HERE



  1. This is a great reminder! Thanks so much the encouragement. It’s exactly where I am in life right now since I decided recently to “shake it off”!


    1. Traci,

      Agreed! It’s a right now word from God via Victorya!


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