HE Is Waiting With You | by Debbie Hannah Skinner


Has there ever been a more cringe worthy word? It’s a verb sprinkled throughout the Bible and experienced repeatedly in life and ministry.

While I paused for a painting to dry the other day, I thought about the many things requiring a wait. To name a few, we wait for answers, diagnoses, people, phone calls, traffic, fulfillment of dreams, and did I mention wet paint to dry?

As a ministry leader, maybe you’re waiting right now for volunteers to rise up and help with upcoming ministry events. Perhaps you’re on hold until a person or committee gives you the go ahead for a purchase or their approval of a plan.

Like fingernails screeching across a chalkboard, wait time can feel like an annoying delay, yet my thesaurus tells me “wait” can also mean “linger, rest, or pause.”

There is one sure thing we can rest in when it comes to waiting: we may not know how long we will have to wait, but as followers of Christ, we know Who is with us as we wait. We can linger in confident assurance that the LORD is present with us in our delays. We never wait alone.

Here’s what I’m learning to pray during preordained pauses orchestrated by God:

“Lord, as I wait for _______, I thank you that You are right here with me in my waiting.”

I love David’s words in Psalm 27:14 – “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Be encouraged today as you reflect on the truth that HE is with you as you wait.


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