I Didn’t Have What It Takes … by Janet Eckles

Uncomfortable and nervous, I stood before a small group in the conference room. With a forced smile, I faced the group staring at me.

My palms sweaty and my heart thumping, I pleaded silently, “Help me, Lord.”

It was my first speech before the Toastmasters group I had joined.

After the 5-minute talk, one of the members took my arm. “Let me help you to your seat.”

The evaluation of my speech began. And so did my blushing. Eye contact was missing in my delivery. But how in the world does a blind speaker establish eye contact with her audience?

I didn’t have the answer then. But decades and hundreds of keynote presentations later, I had found another connection with audiences that evokes more emotion and renders a bigger impact.

I found the passion we exude connects with their emotions. The honesty we display connects with their willingness to accept. The clarity we weave connects with their understanding. And the power of our message connects with their heart.
Recently, I was rewarded in an unexpected way. I stepped off the stage and as I was being lead out of the auditorium, a young man grabbed my arm. He gave me a long, tight hug. He sobbed and sobbed on my shoulder. And when he stopped, he whispered, “I’m also losing my sight. And you just gave me hope.”

I couldn’t see him from the stage. And I couldn’t see him as he stood before me either.
But I learned that eye contact, props, Power Point presentations or clever moves are never a substitute for the impact of our message and the power of our words.

Janet Perez Eckles imparts in her audiences a path to triumph over life’s heartaches. And with a refreshing blend of engaging stories and a touch of humor, she illustrates the journey to victory at Christian organizations, retreats and colleges. Although blind, she teaches her readers and audiences how to see the best of life. Her four books and keynote presentations have been called, “transformational.” International audiences and numerous media outlets such as 700 Club and Focus on the Family (Hispanic community) have featured her profound experiences.

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