What Do You Do When Facing a Plate Full of Issues? | Janet Perez Eckles

Recently, someone asked me the same question many have before:

When you lose one sense, like in your case, your eyesight, is it true that other senses develop and sharpen?”

“Sure is,” I said, “in my case it’s my sense of humor.”

I looked toward the mirror; I never have a bad hair day. And when you can’t see, eating can be fun, too. With a plate full of food before me, every bit is a surprise and meals end up being an adventure.

But it’s quite different when life presents a plate full of difficult issues. We look closely at all of them, and before we know it, we get a bad case of emotional indigestion. Here is how to avoid it:

  1. Use each challenge as a channel to taste God’s grace.
  2. Use every disappointment, heartache and even tragedy is an opportunity to savor the sweetness of God’s comfort.
  3. Use each moment of joy, triumph and success is a chance to delight in His provision.
  4. Use each setback as an opportunity to sit back and wait in expectation.

If you’re in that place right now–facing tough, painful issues, I invite you to close your eyes. Let your soul savor God’s promises. His promises that say He is at work in that situation. He’s about to bring the solution. And until He does, he’s holding you ever, ever so close. “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119: 103)




janeteckles-headshotAbout Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Perez Eckles imparts in her audiences a path to triumph over life’s heartaches. And with a refreshing blend of engaging stories and a touch of humor, she illustrates the journey to victory at Christian organizations, retreats and colleges. Although blind, she teaches her readers and audiences how to see the best of life. Her four books and keynote presentations have been called, “transformational.” International audiences and numerous media outlets such as 700 Club and Focus on the Family (Hispanic community) have featured her profound experiences.

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