What Do Your Scars Say About Your Life? | Tammy Whitehurst

Often we look at people’s lives on social media and they appear to have a perfect life. For the record, perfect lives do not exist.

People struggle every single day with feeling like they are not enough. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not good enough.

We all have weak areas, real fears, regrets and faults. Everyone has a story to tell and a wound to heal. No one is immune and we all struggle. Even the most confident people have been scarred by life in areas you may or may not know.

Scars have meaning. Scars tell stories of bravery and courage. Every person we cross paths with today has a story. From the gas station attendant to the grocery clerk. From your server at lunch to your friends at dinner. We are all in the battle, but we are not in the battle alone.

Those scars mean you showed up for the fight instead of running from it.

Life requires courage…it requires bravery…it requires guts. But most of all it requires the need for Jesus Christ.

2 Chronicles 20:15 “…..This is what the LORD says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.


About Tammy Whitehurst

Rarely do we hear funny and message with a meaning in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person, but Tammy Whitehurst is anything but a typical speaker.

She was a middle school teacher for 16 years before bringing her messages of hope, joy, and laughter to audiences on the stage. Her articles have been published in LifeWay’s HomeLife, Christianity Today, Seek magazine, Evangel, Charm, Mature years, Peace and several other publications. People describe her as a Hoot with a capital “H” and love the realness that she shares and her ability to connect with the heart of her audiences.

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