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o-SECRETS-OF-SUCCESS-facebookA few days ago, I sat at my desk, sipping my morning fruit and veggie smoothie, and with each sip, I delighted in my favorite Bible verses. All of them nourished my soul. But when I read this one, the message lingered in my head, urging me to dig deeper.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)

The command is simple with an inviting, promising result. But the word “succeeds” jumped out at me.

What does success mean to the Lord anyway? And what does it mean to me? The world defines success as a satisfying result and the ability to reach realistic accomplishments. And to us, writers and speakers, success might be defined as a list of book contracts, a jammed speaking calendar, and marketing strategies that shine with results.

But if we were able to accomplish all of this, would we then feel successful and satisfied? Or would there always be higher levels to reach, more books to write and more speeches to give? And before we know it, stress would start all over again.

So, that morning as I put down my smoothie, I exhaled a long, deep breath and made a new decision. I would not work for success, but rather, live IN success.

The process is simple. It begins not as a onetime decision, but a daily habit, a moment-by-moment resolve to commit and hand all over to Him. That includes not only our work, but without reservation, place before Him everything.—our daily attitude, our thinking, our approach to the ministry, our reaction to the good, the bad and the busy. And while there, we also hand over our desires and goals.

Once all is placed in God’s hands, we take on the tasks, but leave out the stress. Then our plans reach His success because our steps follow His path. Relief washes over us as it always does when we obey Him. That’s when our days have the glow of success, and at night when we slip under our covers, we rest our head on the pillow of peace.


About Janet Perez Eckles

Janet Perez Eckles imparts in her audiences a path to triumph over life’s heartaches. And with a refreshing blend of engaging stories and a touch of humor, she illustrates the journey to victory at Christian organizations, retreats and colleges. Although blind, she teaches her readers and audiences how to see the best of life. Her four books and keynote presentations have been called, “transformational.” International audiences and numerous media outlets such as 700 Club and Focus on the Family (Hispanic community) have featured her profound experiences.

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