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old-660831_640While driving by a senior living center the other day, a sense of guilt, wrapped with compassion, overwhelmed me. The seniors in our society today seem to get the short end of the stick. More and more, we see our seniors being ignored, put out to pasture to just fade into the good night. We tend to become frustrated with their forgetfulness, their opinions and their shoutouts at unexpected times. I still hear my mother saying, “at my age there are no bones in my tongue”.

We say we are so busy. Our time is so precious and we cannot afford to be distracted by their neediness. Really? If we claim to be children of God, we make time. Reach out to the elderly, show respect and compassion. Listen to them. Embrace their wisdom, their stories, their different personalities along with their foibles. Engage in conversation with the older woman who sips her coffee on the same park bench alone. Reach out to the older man wearing the blue Perry Como sweater, donning the baseball cap of his favorite team and reading the sports section of the daily newspaper. Reach out to the elderly couple who struggle to keep their lawn looking like all the others on the block.

We are all God’s children whether we are 6, 26, 66, 96, or 106 years old. We are called to love and serve one another. All the seniors ask for is a little respect, a word of encouragement or a touch of human kindness.

Can we do this? We all know we can do much better. Our Lord requires it.

RonRighter-2015-croppedAbout Ron Righter

Coach Ron Righter has always been highly motivated to help others reach their potential. That’s why he was considered a “player’s coach.” He understands the pressures, the adversity and issues that people face today. He is able to reach people with his exciting messages because he cares about them as individuals and they sense it. Ron teaches life lessons based on scripture and he engages his listeners just as he was able to hold the attention of his collegiate athletes.

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