The Invisible Tails Series by Davy Liu

The Invisible Tails Series, written and illustrated by Davy Liu, consists of five books. Each told from the animals’ perspective as eyewitnesses of some of the most compelling stories in history:

At the age of 13 Davy Liu moved halfway across the world to a new country where he had to learn a new language. In the United States, Davy faced many obstacles, including struggling socially, culturally and academically. His one constant through it all was his love for art. When a teacher discovered his talent, a new course was set for his life.

After receiving many local and national awards, Davy went to work for Disney Animation Studios at the young age of 19.  There he worked on several classics including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Mulan. Later, he worked in the animation department at Warner Bros and was a concept illustrator at I.L.M. for Star Wars, Episode 1.

Davy shares, “Kids are under a lot of pressure these days. I know first hand how hard it can be. I faced tremendous odds as a youth, and yet was able to draw on power to overcome many difficulties in my life. My hope is that kids can identify with the characters in the Invisible Tails series and it will motivate them to overcome their own challenges. One day, I want to be able to take these characters and bring them to life in animated films.”

Davy currently travels the world, speaking to over 250,000 people each year, sharing his message of hope and overcoming incredible odds; which is the central theme in the Invisible Tails Series.


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