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african-american-883376_640It’s a perfectly sunny, almost-spring day and I’m walking through my cute little home… and I’m worrying. Worrying about the fact that we should really have our roof replaced this summer. And how much is that going to cost? This went on for awhile, until I remembered that worry sucks (the joy out of life) and it’s my enemy. I refuse to partner with worry. I refuse to contemplate my future in light of the lies that worry whispers when my guard is down.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

~ Abraham Hicks

Your imagination is a powerful gift from God. It’s to be used for your good, for your future, for your dreams, and for your joy. But that doesn’t mean worry won’t try to take your imagination captive to cast long, fearful shadows upon your sunny days. And when that happens, you need to choose faith. You need to choose to actively recall God’s faithfulness in your life, and “imagine” many more years of His goodness and faithfulness bestowed upon you.

Perhaps you worry that you’re being irresponsible if you don’t worry about your problem. I mean, if you don’t worry about it, who will? Someone has to worry about this problem, right? But no, the truth is nobody has to worry about the problem. Your brain was designed to work out problems and come up with solutions. And it’ll do the job better in a faith-filled, God-trusting atmosphere. There’s a time to think through your problem—and there’s a time to set it down and walk away for awhile. You don’t necessarily have to ruminate endlessly on your problem, chewing on it, scrutinizing it from every angle, mentally chasing your tail around and around and around trying to fix it. Because, if you could have solved your problem by over-thinking it, wouldn’t you have solved it a long time ago? Yes! You would have! See, thinking about, worrying about, and speculating endlessly on your problem doesn’t work. It just leads to more worry.

So let it go! Let the worry go. Yeah… sure… do your best to come up with a viable solution to your problem. And then, let it go. In the words of an old Keith Green song, “Do your best, pray that it’s blessed, and He’ll take care of the rest.” 

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friedrichsen-paula2The hallmark of Paula’s ministry is her ability to communicate with unassuming authenticity and transparency. By using Scripture, personal stories, and laughter, she presents Biblical insights and principles to her listeners.

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