Five Steps to Live a Satisfied Life | Janet Eckles

woman-686260_640God doesn’t promise a day without problems, or moments without trials, but aligned with Him, He promises a satisfied soul.

On one very hot summer day, my keyboard began to feel sticky. The air conditioner decided to stop working. And, in the Florida summer heat, my energy was melting into drops of worry. What if we need to repair the whole thing, what if there is no fix for days? How would this affect my parents who live with us and just reached their mid 80’s?

Then hubby remembered that the home warranty he purchased included air conditioners. I dialed their number quicker than you can say heat.

“Of course,” the rep said, “we’ll send someone today and if we cannot fix it, your warranty will cover a replacement.”

Warranties are a wonderful thing, I thought. That evening, while sitting in the coolness of my room, a similarity fluttered in. whether we are melting in the heat of life’s pressures, frozen on the road to success, or hunger for that something to satisfy us, Jesus offers His promised warranty.

Among these promises are five steps for a life rich with satisfaction:

  1. Become aware of the hunger that aches in your heart.
  2. Believe His Word will satisfy the longing in your soul.
  3. Trust that He will answer in perfect timing
  4. Be ready to have Him quench the thirst for your desires.
  5. Count on the reward when you diligently seek Him

Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever.” John 6:35

How could we live unsatisfied lives when we hold that warranty, the one He signed with His love?

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