Turning Pain into Power and Grief into Peace | Angela Alexander

MIA_WEB_300God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. Angela Alexander truly believes this statement even on her darkest day!

On April 1, 2000 while Angela was in Japan on military duty, her husband and four children were involved in a fatal car crash. The Alexander’s car fell twenty-five feet off a California highway, and landed upside down on top of two parked vehicles with people inside. The people in the vehicles were extremely shaken up. Praise God they were alright! Angela’s husband and two daughters survived, however, her two eight-year-old sons went home to our Heavenly Father. 

Most people thought by Angela being on the other side of the world was the worst place possible. She said, “If I were home when the police knocked on my door I would have run somewhere. In Japan I had no choice but to be still, and know that God is still God.” Whenever and wherever there’s a crisis, Christ is.

One of the many miracles was God allowed Murice and Roger, to write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters. Murice didn’t know about Roger’s letter and Roger’s didn’t know about Murice’s letter. Both independently listened to the Holy Spirit and obeyed. Murice wrote his letter one month before the car crash and Roger wrote his two weeks prior. Each letter was written above and beyond their age and grade levels, and answered specific questions that Angela would have wondered about for the rest of her life. From the letters she received, Angela found that peace from God she so desperately needed.

Eight people were involved in the car crash, five people in their car and three people on the ground. The only two people who wrote good-bye letters were the only two people who transitioned. Angela experienced that peace that surpassed her understanding, and still in awe of God’s mighty miracles. In the midst of her storm she accepted, that her sons are now and forever joyfully, jamming, with Jesus.

While Angela was writing her sons’ memorial program God revealed that their letters were written to soothe her soul, but more importantly to share. For five months she was in turmoil about her assignment before she surrendered.

At the time Angela had fifteen years in the Air Force. She asked God if He would give her the strength to put her uniform back on and stay in the military for another five years. If so she would retire and dedicate her life to sharing His amazing testimony. God granted Angela that strength. She spent the next couple of years writing her autobiography title, Miracles in Action ~ Turning Pain into Power and Grief into Power, and retired in 2005.

About Angela Alexander
As an inspirational speaker, Angela boldly shares with audiences how God allowed her to transform what could have easily devastated her family’s life forever into a ministry that blesses all who hear her incredible testimony.

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