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woman-1209421_640a·bun·dance: A very large quantity of something.

I’m not the most gifted person on the planet—but I do have a “very particular set of skills” and God-given talents that I do pretty darn well. We all do. We all have talents, abilities, and gifts from God that we do pretty well. And along those lines I recently had a dream that really impacted me. In fact, I’ve thought about the dream everyday since I had it.

In the dream I was watching a very busy, happy woman from a balcony. She was directing movies from her house. She was active, productive, and doing what she loved. She looked up at me and said, “I would never not fulfill my God-given potential.” That was the end of the dream. (for the grammar aficionados out there I get that “never not” is a double negative… I’m just tellin’ it like I heard it).

The next day I was telling my friend about the dream because it was so clear and compelling to me. I said, “I wonder who the woman is?” My friend looked at me and said matter-of-factly, “Paula, the woman is you.”

Duh. It was clear to me once she said it. Yes! The woman was me. And I saw with clarity that the desire of my heart was to use every single gift God had given me. That I would leave it all out on the field. That I wouldn’t let potential judgments or criticisms of others stop me from using every ability God had given me. That I would stop waiting until I was better at what I do. That I would stop waiting until I was more confident. That I would stop waiting until I felt stronger physically. That I would stop waiting to get it all together… to be smarter… wiser….and to have my ducks in a row before I pushed and pressed into all God has for me. Can anyone else relate? Can I get an A to the M to the E to the N!

We give to others out of the “abundance” that God has given us. None of us has everything, but we all have something. We all have abundance of some kind in our lives. And that abundance, that “very large quantity of something”, is meant to be shared. To be given. To be lavished upon others. And yet, if we’re always waiting to get better, stronger, smarter, to have fewer problems, to have more success, to have fewer emotional issues, to have more confidence—then we’ll never give away our abundance. We’ll believe the lie that it’s not good enough… that “we’re” not good enough.

So what do you have? Like the boy who offered up his five loaves and two fishes to Jesus, who then multiplied it and fed thousands—what do you have to offer? Because the abundance comes from God. The miracle of exponential increase comes from God. In fact, all that’s expected from you is that you offer up what you have. Are you a great cook? Then cook for people. Give, share, teach, exude. Do you play music well? Then play for folks. Give your gift. Throw it out there. Do you write? Then start writing stuff. Write a blog. Write a book. Write letters. Write Facebook posts. Just write. Get it out there. 

Well, what if your cooking, art, music, writing, teaching, fill-in-the-blank-ing isn’t the best there is on planet earth? What then? All I can tell you is if you’re giving out of your abundance and out of the gifts God has given you, then it’ll bless someone. It might not bless everyone, but it’ll bless someone. And really, you don’t need to make a big splash on the planet. Or be a big deal. Or put on a big show. You just need to be you. You only need to fulfill God’s purposes for your life and do it to the best of your ability. That will be a life lived out of abundance and one without regrets.

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