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1508641_10205578607971606_6936630410757021372_nDoes it ever seem like everyone’s Christmas trees and decorations are better than yours? Social media turns Christmas season into an internet competition and sometimes, we find ourselves decorating for an Instagram moment rather than the enjoyment of a real-life moment with those we love.

Last November, I wanted to get a jump on Christmas season, so I decorated my house right after Thanksgiving. Wreaths, garland, candles, bows and lights decorated my foyer, fireplace, living room and dining room. It looked really nice. Here’s the thing: when something looks nice, it MUST be shared on social media. However, I didn’t want to brag because social-mediaites hate bragging.

<insert sarcasm here>

Instead of bragging, I staged photos with a cup of tea in front of a decorated area and posted something like “Reflecting on the joy of the holiday season.” But, what I really wanted people to think was “Wow, her fireplace looks really nice in the background!”

So, the day came when I had to ‘fess up. I had been keeping a 7’ tall secret in the corner of my living room. This secret had been carefully cropped out of ALL of my perfectly staged Christmas photos. What was I hiding? 

Friends, I’d been carefully cropping my 7’ tall, undecorated, naked Christmas tree out of all of my photos. When I finally had the guts to share that on Facebook, I decided to let it all hang out! Not only was the tree undecorated, but I also confessed that I hadn’t baked Christmas cookies, I hated egg nog and that I wouldn’t be sending out all of my Christmas cards. 

Then, I waited to see what would happen next…

To my surprise, the response was amazing! I posted because I felt like a fraud, but folks were kind and gracious – and grateful! Women thanked me for giving them permission to do nothing at Christmas. About a dozen decorated trees were posted as well. Who knew?!

My Christmas confession gave permission to a segment of stressed out women to let go of pre-Christmas shame and celebrate the season.

Now, it’s a year later. I don’t have a new Christmas confessions. The kids are doing the tree this year, folks.

But, I do want to give you permission to enjoy your Christmas guilt-free. Celebrate the season with a full-heart, not a full “to-do” list.


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  1. Love this. Every year are things I just “don’t get to”. I’ve learned to stress a lot less about it over the years. If it gets done, it gets done. The people that truly love me/know me don’t worry about it either. I let go of that…pressured feeling or that expectation. It helps a lot. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Barb!


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