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Nativity Sweater and fall house pictures 011“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 (NKJV)

As the years go by, each Christmas becomes more festive with decorations celebrating the holiday season. The expression of the day has become “Happy Holidays!” In the midst of parties, gifts, decorations, lights, and music, the real meaning of Christmas has been lost in all the holiday wrap and shuffle.

This was never more evident to me than when I decided to find a Christmas sweater. I wanted one that would remind people of what we were celebrating-the birth of Jesus. I wanted a sweater displaying the nativity scene. Little did I know what a difficult task I was undertaking. It took me a diligent search of five years to find that special sweater. There were plenty of sweaters with santas, reindeers, ornaments, etc., but when I asked for a nativity scene, the response was always, “We don’t carry such things. May I interest you in a Santa sweater?” I’ll never forget the day I spotted the desire of my heart-a royal blue background with a colorful display of God’s grace-the birth of His Son. It was marked down to 75 percent off. It was such a beautiful sweater, but it appeared no one cherished it but me.

It seems that everyone is celebrating Christmas these days, even those who claim they are not of the faith. As the celebrating increases, the true meaning of what we commemorate is dimming. Each year more cards and people say “Happy Holidays” and more nativity scenes are removed from public display. In the midst of this darkness, the only true light is the light that shines in our hearts through our words and deeds. The greatest story ever told is being put on a back shelf gathering dust, making me want to wear my sweater even more.

As we approach this Christmas, I pray that others may see Jesus in me. As I sign my Christmas cards “Have a blessed Christmas” and proudly wear my nativity sweater, may others catch a glimpse of that eternal light in me. May the sweet aroma of Jesus in all of our lives convey the true message that Jesus is the reason for the season. And may we never be afraid to say, “Merry Christmas, Jesus is born.”

About Ginny Dent Brandt

Ginny’s faith defines her life. Her devotion to her family defines her character. She values her freedom as her gift from God which enables her to do His will.  Her freedom in Christ can never be taken away. She’s heaven bound realizing that only what’s done for Christ will matter forever.

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