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“Have you worn it in the last year?”

That’s the question we’re “supposed” to ask when weeding out our old clothes, right? Unfortunately, it’s a pretty easy question to get around: No, but I didn’t have a reason to wear something that dressy. No, but I plan to lose a few pounds. No, but I still like it… And so we find ways to keep our wardrobes cluttered with things we’re not actually wearing.

Worse, we’re setting ourselves up for spiritual clutter all day long when we’re “ready” for the day but feeling frumpy or plain. When you get dressed in the morning, you’re clothing a beloved child of God, one who deserves to look and feel great!

So here are three wardrobe-organizing steps that can take you from “I have nothing to wear” to “What shall I wear today?”

Step 1: Clear It Out

First, pull everything out of your closet and drawers: shoes, accessories, and all those clothes. Then, sort through the pile with a better question in mind:

“Do I feel great in this?”

God created you to be beautiful and you deserve to feel that way! Determine to clear out anything that’s going to block your view of what you really want to wear.

Step 2: Fill It Out

Next, take a look at those things you do really love but still don’t wear, and ask yourself, why not? Maybe you have a fabulous blouse that just needs a denim skirt to go with it. Or a bright pair of pants that needs a simple white top and fun chunky necklace to make it work. Make a shopping list and fill out your wardrobe with a few wonderful, complementary pieces.

Step 3: Lay It Out

Here’s my real wardrobe-organizing secret: I organized my closet in an untraditional way. Try storing everything that’s out of season (shoes, accessories, even clothing you would normally leave hanging on the rod) in your dresser, under your bed, or up high in your closet. Then place some inexpensive shelving under your newfound extra rod space so that you can store folded clothes, shoes, and accessories right there next to your hanging clothes. Arrange everything that you have to wear this season in that one location, completely visible. You’ll be mixing and matching and overwhelmed with your great choices for the day!

Upgrade your wardrobe and dress yourself as a beloved child of God! You’ll feel so great that you’ll forget what you’re wearing and remember Whose you are!

SHANNON UPTON wants helps women use a little organization to clear out their spiritual clutter so they can grow closer to their families and their Lord. Her featured speaking presentation for this spring is “Dressing to Impress… Whom?,” a fun and meaningful session about body image and wardrobe organization. She is the author of two Organizing You books. 



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  1. Great timing, Shannon. I just finished a retreat yesterday and have a less hectic week ahead when I plan to do just what you suggest. Can’t wait to declutter, check what needs something cute to become a fun outfit, and get my winter clothes out of sight. Thanks. Poppy Smith


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