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When Fear Attacks—Focus on Jesus

Our world is full of people living in fear. Fear of the future, terrorism, ill-health, money woes, relationship blow-ups, and kids’ harmful choices.  There’s no end to the list.
As followers of Jesus we face the same issues, but we have a choice:
 We can live under the burden of worry and fear,
OR we can focus, claim, and apply the resources God gives us.
man-1627739_640WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO FOCUS?  It means to pay full attention to a particular object, to concentrate on it, to look at it carefully and learn something new or helpful.
But when the Bible tells us to FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS, to focus on Him, what exactly does that mean? What are we supposed to do?
Are we to take time thinking about His love for people, His wisdom and teachings, His death on the Cross or some other aspect of Jesus’s life and ministry?
Instead of wondering what exactly I’m to fix my eyes on, I reflect on three powerful images of Jesus.  There are many more, but here are three that help me:

1. Jesus is the Sovereign Lord. 

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Hebrews. From the first verses, the writer says, God HAS spoken to us, and He is STILL speaking, telling us that Jesus is the Sovereign Lord. He is God in the flesh, the Holy One who is all-powerful.

We don’t worship a wimpy, ineffective Being but One who knows all things and can do way above all we ask or think.
When you’re frightened and worried, train yourself to ask:
  • Who is in control of this world?
  • Who is in control of my life?
  • Who will work all things together for my ultimate good?
And train yourself to say strongly and confidently:
“I trust in you, O Lord. I say, You are my God. My times are in Your hands” Ps. 31:14-15

2. Jesus is Your Savior. 

Yes, from the penalty of your sins, but also from the power of sins we all struggle with daily. Satan wants nothing more than to keep you bound in anxiety, worry, and fear but Jesus wants to deliver you from Satan’s power to make you miserable and without hope. 

When you need help, Jesus says:
  • Come to His throne of grace
  • Come with confidence
  • Come and receive grace, kindness, mercy, and help in your time of need. Hebrews 4:16

3. Jesus is the Great Shepherd. 

You and I are His sheep, His loved ones, and His own possession. Yes, we stray. Yes, we get stubborn. Yes, we get into trouble and create a lot of our own problems (at least I do!). But despite our failings, we know we are His and He is with us.

When you need truth to hold you steady, Jesus says believe what I promise:
  • I will never leave you to face the future or the Enemy’s attacks by yourself
  • I will guide you, watch over you, feed you my peace, and give you strength
  • I will give you all you need to do my will and live a life that honors me.
I hope that this series on overcoming worry and fear is making a difference in your life. The truths that I’ve shared have definitely made a difference in my walk—and I want that for you.

POPPY SMITH is British, married to an American, and has lived in many countries. She is funny, deep, transparent, and passionate about inspiring women to make their lives count for God. A former Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader with a Masters in Spiritual Formation, Poppy is a multi-published author whose speaking ministry has taken her across the nation and to over twenty countries.





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