God, Why Am I Depressed? | Melissa Maimone and Barb Roose

Have you struggled with depression or anxiety? What advice would you give a woman who feels ashamed about being depressed or a woman who refuses to get treatment for her depression? ​

For years, Melissa Maimone felt like she’d disappointed God, which totally wasn’t true! She speaks to us in a powerful way about a compassionate God who loves us as we are and gives us the strength that we need. Melissa discovered that depression doesn’t mean that she’s sentenced to a life of unhappiness. Melissa is one of the most radiant people you’ll meet!

​​In this two-part podcast, Barb Roose dives into Melissa Maimone‘s personal story, including some difficult aspects to her story. At one point, a serious event forced Melissa to find new tools to help her cope with her depression. She shares some of those tools with us as she talks about the common questions Christians with depression ask: Is my lack of faith keeping me from being healed?

Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of GOD, WHY AM I STILL DEPRESSED? 


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