Top Christian Women Speakers for Your Event

How to Use this List:

  1. Use this list as a starting point when you begin planning your next Christian women’s event. 
  2. Share this list with influencers in your faith community.

Listed in Alphabetical Order

  1. SANDRA ALDRICH‘s often humorous presentations feature the importance of solid relationships – to God, family, friends and self. She has written and spoken on joyful living, marriage and family issues, grief, single parenting and family communication. CLICK HERE
  2. Having her two eight-year old sons pass in a horrific car accident, ANGELA ALEXANDER has experienced ache in the very depths of her soul. Today, she is a living testimony of God’s amazing grace and supernatural comfort that not only sustains her, but has allowed her to feel true joy again. Angela boldly shares with audiences how God allowed her to transform what could have easily devastated her family’s life forever into a ministry that blesses all who hear her incredible testimony. CLICK HERE
  3. BECKY BAKER will have your group laughing, singing, and joining in on the humor as she intertwines the joy in life with a more complete understanding of the marvelous character of God and our relationship to Him. CLICK HERE
  4. THE BESSIE & BEULAH SHOW has audiences standing, singing, dancing, and howling at their “stress-relievers”, everything from movies to money to mothers-in-law. CLICK HERE
  5. KAREN BLANKENSHIP has a friendly, caring and approachable personality. She is contemporary, solid and a great storyteller. She speaks to multi-generations in a frank and honest way. CLICK HERE
  6. GINNY DENT BRANT grew up in the halls of power in Washington, DC where her father served a senator and three presidents. Ginny’s faith defines her life. Her devotion to her family defines her character. She values her freedom as a gift from God which enables her to do His will. Her freedom in Christ can never be taken away. CLICK HERE
  7. LAUREN LITTAUER BRIGGS message is one of awareness for what people need when they  are going through difficult times and how you can meet some of those needs and be a part of the healing process. CLICK HERE
  8. JENNY BROUGHTON shares a biblically-based message through humor, anecdotes, and excerpts from her pilgrimage to wholeness. No matter how you look at life, Jenny has the tale to make you laugh. CLICK HERE
  9. DR. SAUNDRA DALTON-SMITH, M.D. has merged her Internal Medicine training with her gift for motivating and inspiring to offer a level of health care that leads to total wholeness of the mind, body and spiritCLICK HERE
  10. JANET PEREZ ECKLES has mastered the skill to weave riveting details to captivate her audiences, humor to evoke laughter, and simple steps to apply today—all wrapped in the purity of God’s Word. Her message of empowerment to overcome and hope for the future is tailored to each group’s needs. Fluent in English and Spanish. CLICK HERE
  11. SHARON NORRIS ELLIOTT will inspire your group to live lives that make a difference as well. Her aim is always to see others mature in their walk with the Lord. CLICK HERE
  12. PAULA FRIEDRICHSEN encourages believers in a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ. Whether she’s talking about marriage, joy, abundant life, or even how to thrive in today’s faltering economy—the sub-theme of every message is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” CLICK HERE
  13. DAWNA HETZLER is passionate about rebuilding women’s perceptions of other women, based on Godly principles. She believes that when we form alliances together, it impacts the world in a mighty way. Dawna’s vision is to build an army of women who encourage each other, speak truths to one another, and love greatly. CLICK HERE
  14. KATHY HOWARD helps women live an unshakeable faith for life no matter the circumstances. CLICK HERE
  15. DONNA JONES is passionate about helping women know, love and follow Christ in their real, everyday lives. CLICK HERE
  16. REBA RAMBO-MCGUIRE is a GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning singer, songwriter, author, minister and teacher. She’s the walking definition of a pioneering woman. At the age of 13, Reba began traveling with her parents, Buck and Dottie Rambo, in the legendary southern Gospel group, The Rambos. Known for their innovative style of inverted, three-part harmony, The Rambos were one of the most successful Gospel trios of the 20th century. CLICK HERE 
  17. DESTINY RAMBO MCGUIRE has an exceptionally rich heritage of music and ministry. Her grandparents, Buck Rambo and Dottie Rambo, were pioneers in the southern Gospel music world of performers and writers with their legendary singing group The Rambos. Her parents, Dony McGuire and Reba Rambo-McGuire, were certainly trend setters in contemporary Christian music. CLICK HERE 
  18. MELISSA MAIMONE ​brings encouragement to her audiences with a blend of insight, transparency, and theology. Affected by depression and anxiety from a young age, she shares with vulnerability (and plenty of humor!) that a hopeful, joyous life is possible no matter what your circumstance CLICK HERE 
  19. JANET LYNN MITCHELL shares her heart, passions and faith, relating incidents from her life that will touch your group and make them laugh. Janet addresses relevant life issues and how it just takes one to make a difference in your world! CLICK HERE
  20. CHERIE NETTLES is described as a knee-slapping, belly-laughing, people-magnet. She draws from her life experiences to teach her audiences that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and she places her focus on the Truth of Proverbs 17:22, “Laughter is medicine to your soul.” Cherie’s comedy routines, Biblical and motivational messages of hope and inspiration will not only tickle your funny bone but bring healing to it. CLICK HERE
  21. ANNIE PAJCIC is an artist at heart, a speaker, author, and creator. She loves to teach the Word of God through creative venues to audiences of any age. CLICK HER
  22. After a near-death experience, MILLICENT POOLE discovered her passion to write and inspire transformation within others. Determined to have a life by design, not default, she began re-designing her life. For over twenty years, she has been teaching people how to awaken to their brilliance, summon the courage to live their passion and unapologetically become more of who they really are. CLICK HERE
  23. SHERRY POUNDSTONEs passion is to show women that God sees them as He created them, not through the eyes of the world. Through humor and real-life examples, Sherry explores the practical life application of God’s principles. CLICK HERE
  24. CJ RAPP will touch your heart with her authentic, casual style, make you laugh, renew your hope and inspire you with her passion and insight into God’s Word. CLICK HERE
  25. VICTORYA ROGERS passionately helps women create and keep healthy, lasting relationships. She equips her audiences with practical Biblical tools to make better choices in life. CLICK HERE 
  26. BARB ROOSE believes that God has shaped her heart to reach out to women who don’t know – or maybe they have forgotten – that they are beautiful because God created them. It’s her prayer that every woman understand and realize that she has a God-given purpose in this world and nothing that she sees in the mirror should hold her back! CLICK HERE
  27. VONDA SKELTON is an entertaining teacher and speaker with a heart for women and their families. Whether you need a night of humor or a weekend of study, Vonda’s final message is always the same: You are not alone, and Jesus loves you. CLICK HERE
  28. DEBBIE HANNAH SKINNER sometimes paints as she speaks, other times she uses her paintings as visual aids. Debbie’s passion is to point women to Jesus Christ by skillfully weaving her words and water-media paintings with wisdom from Scripture. CLICK HERE
  29. POPPY SMITH uses Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles to be more like Jesus, Poppy encourages women (and men, at times) to grow in every kind of situation—whether joyful or painful! CLICK HERE
  30. SHANNON UPTON wants to help you clear out your spiritual clutter and make room for joy! Shannon believes that the Lord allowed her to struggle with clinical anxiety, and then healed her of it, for His purpose. She wants to help you clear out your spiritual clutter so you can fully enjoy your family and grow closer to the Lord. CLICK HERE
  31. People describe TAMMY WHITEHURST as a Hoot with a capital “H” and love the realness that Tammy shares and her ability to connect with the heart of her audiences. Tammy loves to encourage and watch women discover JOY found in the truth of God’s Word. She wants people to realize they can have JOY in their journey when they take the hand of Jesus. CLICK HERE
  32. DEBBIE TAYLOR WILLIAMS demonstrates her message, rather than simply teaches it. Described as a velvet hammer, the Bible pours through her with passionate conviction intermingled with illustrative yellow rubber gloves, rabbit ears, and humor. CLICK HERE

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