One’s Daily Impact | Ron Righter

Over the years I have used the following six line gem to begin my message for a certain event.

God gave us two ends to use … One to think with … the other to sit with. Success depends on which one you choose. Heads you’ll win, tails you’ll lose …” (Unknown) 

We know that the larger the rock you drop into a quiet pond, the greater the ripples that radiate out from the splash. Our daily impact moves out from a person in concentric waves, touching everyone within his/her circle with greater or lesser force … depending on the man or woman.

John Wooden, the Hall of Fame UCLA Basketball Coach, used to quote his father at practice by teaching his players to “live a whole life today…focus on just today.” Coach Wooden’s daily practices were just as important as the championship games. He knew the little things truly make a difference.

Life is now. It is not later on. Today is important. Let’s not sleepwalk past today’s finest opportunities. There will never be another today. Coach Wooden writes, “There is no reason not to make today the proudest day of your life.”

There are 84,600 seconds in your day to build or destroy, listen or turn off, laugh or cry, win or lose, say “Yes I can,” or “No I can’t,” or become somebody or become nobody. God took a chance on you, so why not take a chance on yourself. God does not make mistakes.

So here are five steps to help you make a daily impact in our upside down world today:

  1. Find something to love in every person.
  2. Do not play it safe. Take a risk. Be unafraid.
  3. Be vulnerable to one another, drop your guard and be a “go-giver” rather than a “go-getter.”
  4. Live every day like it is your last day.
  5. See things through the eyes of Christ. You will, in turn, have crystal clear vision.

Ask yourself in the mirror, “What can I do today to make a difference in someone’s life or in your community? What pulls at your heart? Care enough to expect your best. Do it today.

Coach Ron Righter has always been highly motivated to help others reach their potential. That’s why he was considered a “player’s coach.” He understands the pressures, the adversity and issues that people face today. He is able to reach people with his exciting messages because he cares about them as individuals and they sense it. Ron teaches life lessons based on scripture and he engages his listeners just as he was able to hold the attention of his collegiate athletes.

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