It DOES Take It All | Sharon Elliott

Have you ever met someone who is driven? People who are driven are focused, know their purpose, and have clear goals. The difference between them and others is that they actually put feet to those goals. They see the potential of the fulfillment of their purpose and they go for it. They obtain business licenses, get educated, set up checking accounts, seek investors, read up on the subject; in short, they invest their lives in their vision. When we meet up with people like this, we’re apt to be a little overwhelmed and we tend to squint our eyes, purse our lips, and mutter under our breath, “It doesn’t take all that.”

As believers, we need to take a lesson from those folks. We can be no less driven than a successful business person when it comes to the purposes God reveals in us. God expects a lot out of us: we’re to be loving, kind, holy, good spouses a la Ephesians 5:18-33, and diligent personnel at working out our salvation (see Philippians 2:12-13) just to name a few of our duties. It is utterly impossible for us to live this Christian life in a slipshod manner.

If we are really serious about our faith walk, Proverbs 28:14a is a word for us today. It says, “Happy is the man who is always reverent…” (NKJ). The Hebrew word for always used here is “tamiyd” and it means “constantly, regularly, perpetually, and as continual employment.” The word “reverent” means “to be startled as by a sudden alarm and to stand in awe.”

You see, we live as blessed believers when we perpetually and consistently defer to how God wants things done, having a reverential fear of messing up. We live as happy believers as we focus without fail on God’s mind and heart, ever endeavoring to operate in accord with Him. We seek and find our God-ordained purpose, then we put feet to fulfilling the vision. We give it all we have. We are driven – always reverent.

Jesus is our perfect example of how to live a life dedicated to one’s God-ordained purpose. He knew what God sent Him to do and that’s what He did. He held to it consistently, regularly, perpetually. His purpose was His continual employment. We can do no less.

And yes, it does take all that.

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