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The priest hands were visually shaking as he held paperwork from the Red Cross. “Angela your family has been in a car accident…” From the looks on their faces I knew this was no April’s Fool’s Joke.

On April 1, 2000 while I was in Japan on military duty, my husband and four children were driving down a highway in California. A car cut them off. Our truck hit the divider, upon impact everyone was knocked unconscious. Our truck moved backwards across the highway, plummeted twenty-five feet, and landed upside down on top of two parked vehicles with people inside. Praise God they were alright!

Sadly my two eight year old sons passed. One of the many miracles was although Murice and Roger passed instantly at the scene God allowed both to write and leave behind incredible good-bye letters. Murice didn’t know about Roger’s letter and vice-versa. Both independently listened to the Holy Spirit and obeyed. Murice wrote his letter one month before the car crash and Roger wrote his two weeks prior. Each letter was written above and beyond their age and grade level. Each letter answered specific questions that I would have wondered about for the rest of my life. In their letters I received that peace I desperately needed.

God revealed that their letters were written to soothe my soul, but more importantly to share. I immediately gave God a list of excuses, although I knew this testimony was worthy to be told. I rehearsed all of those negative thoughts for months as I walked in disobedience. I asked God to give me the strength to put my uniform back on and stay in the Air Force for

another five years so I could retire. God granted me that strength as He transitioned me from military to ministry.

What I’ve learned through this whole ordeal was, as hard as it is to live here without my sons Murice and Roger, it would be impossible to live here without God’s son, Jesus Christ. Friends asked me about closure, and surprised when I said not yet. I’ll have closure when I see my sons again, but I do have peace on earth. What I know for sure is death is inevitable, but misery that’s optional.

God trusted me to share His amazing testimony as my assignment, it wasn’t until I surrendered that it became my pleasure!

** From Angela’s book, Miracles in Action, available wherever Christian books are sold.

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