A Dance and A Prayer | Janet Lynn Mitchell

“You look fantastic!” I said to Jason, my seventeen-year-old son. Looking into his baby-blue eyes, I wanted to never forget this moment.

“Mom, I’ve got to get going.”

With a smile, I placed my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. I then smoothed out his tuxedo jacket and straightened his tie. “Have fun son, and drive safe …”

“I will!” were the words that trailed out the door.

With the house quiet, I sat down in my recliner. The entire day had been busy. From the baseball game where Jason had pitched, to getting ready for prom we were watching the clock. Funny, I chuckled to myself. I’m exhausted, yet Jason has endless energy!

For the next hour, I sat reading. Every once in a while my thoughts turned to the “fun” I knew Jason was having. My serenity was soon interrupted as my husband, , and our two other children entered from the garage.

“He left? I wanted to see him!” Jason’s sister moaned.

“Bet he’s having fun.” I said more than once.

“Bet he’s tired!” My husband added.

Marty was right. About midnight Jason walked in with his jacket slung over his shoulder.

“Mom, I’m home,” he whispered trying not startle me.

“Did you?” I asked.

“Yea. I had a great time!”

Jason then showered and got ready for bed. I soon ventured to his room and sat down next to him. Leaning forward, I kissed him goodnight. “Son, I’m glad you had fun tonight.” I got up to leave and just before I closed the door, I turned, “And Jason, don’t forget to say your prayers.”

Once in bed I cuddled next to my husband. We have one terrific son, I thought to myself. Ready to call it day, I had one last thing to do. As I began to say my prayers, I thought of my son lying in his bed saying his.

Memories of the past few years and the many nights Jason and I had said our bedtime prayers together flooded my mind. I thought about that “special” prayer Jason and I pray—asking God to hold his future wife in His hands, to care for her and bless her life. For a moment I pondered what she might have done this evening. I rolled over and smiled. Jason did have fun tonight like a seventeen-year-old boy should; yet he also knows that somewhere sleeping is the love of his life—his future wife.

Yes, there are two lucky women in my son’s life, me, and the young woman in our prayers!

Janet Lynn Mitchell’s fun, engaging style keeps her audiences wanting more. As a master storyteller, she shares her heart, passions and faith, relating incidents from her life that will touch your group and make them laugh. Janet addresses relevant life issues and how it just takes one to make a difference in your world!

God has used Janet’s tremendous medical situation to change laws in California. Her testimony encourages others and brings hope, and has even used it to help others find the medical treatment they need. She urgently encourages her audiences to put their faith into action and watch as God uses them to touch the world.

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