Raising a Diamond Child | Davy Liu

My parents pretty much tried everything they could to get me to excel in academics and piano: tutoring, spanking, and bribing. Even after eight years of playing the piano, I was only interested in Michelangelo and his amazing paintings I encountered in art books. 

Having grown up in a Chinese family, I was constantly reminded that I should be like my siblings or “Mr. Chen’s son”. I struggled to obtain the 4.5 GPA standard in Taiwan, so when I immigrated to the U.S. in the eighth grade, I was relieved that no one knew I had failed the standards. However, I soon realized that I had to avoid being bullied because of my difference in appearance and inability to speak English. To accomplish this, I adapted myself to fit the tough Bruce Lee image by carrying nunchucks in my backpack and pretending to do splits in the hallways. I found my true identity, however, in my art class. My teacher was my angel and God-sent mother. While I lacked any chance in my country, she handed me a big piece of paper and encouraged me with the words: “Davy, You can do it!”. This gave me hope, and I sought to validate her statement. My work for that class was entered in a national competition and placed in the top 20. It was then that I realized God gave me the gift of drawing straight lines, not making straight A’s. From there, I continued my pursuit of art and worked for Disney on animated films such as: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and others.

While others admired my achievements, I never became the doctor or lawyer my parents wanted me to be. Deep inside my soul, there was a sense of void, because I knew my parents had never watched any of the Disney films I worked on to realize what I had accomplished with my gifts. I still longed to hear them express their pride in my accomplishments until one night, I heard God say he was proud of me and that he had create me to be one-of-a-kind. I realized I did not have to be number one; I just had to be the only one. Ultimately, in His eyes I am not a marble but a diamond. I am the CEO of Kendu Films because I know I Kendu it!

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