In The Midst of Your Storm | Angela Alexander

What do you do in the midst of your storms? I’m currently in the midst of a storm right now. Although I don’t know the future, I’m choosing to praise God, and stand on His promises no matter the outcome! Things may get worst before I see the light, however my condition doesn’t matter. My position is I will worship the Lord because of who He is. I told that storm how BIG my GOD is! At times that’s easier said than done, especially when the enemy within me keeps replaying the events. When my negative thoughts are too much, I turn my praise and worship music up very loud to drown out that chatter.

Sad but true if some of us didn’t have any problems we wouldn’t diligently seek God. Sometimes not wanting to deal with a situation we turn a blind eye, or become so comfortable in our dysfunctional surroundings that we don’t even notice there’s a problem. Many times God will disrupt our situation in order to heal our situation. Your flood could be the catalyst that lifts you to your mountain top, your breakthrough, your healing.

Have faith and thank Jesus in advance for your storm to manifest on earth as it has in Heaven. Search for your miracles, because the alternative is to search for your misery. Learn the message in the mess. Know that God is the answer to your prayers, and the source of your strength. God makes the final decisions over your life. He’s the Doctor in the hospital, and the Judge in the courtroom. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Provider. So even when you don’t feel like praising God, or can’t track your miracles, have faith and bless the Lord at all times.

God wants a personal relationship with you. If you pray, fast, repent and stray from your sins there’s no situation so bad that God won’t bless, forgive, and turn things around in your favor. Trust the process, speak life, health, prosperity, restoration, unexpected blessings, joy, laughter throughout your day, peace in your home, a Holy Ghost hookup, and favor over yourself.

No matter what your situation may look like on the surface know that God has included you in His plans. Allow nothing to steal your joy for Jesus. REJOICE and claim the VICTORY over that storm, when? RIGHT NOW!

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