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Top Christian Women Speakers for Your Event

How to Use this List: Use this list as a starting point when you begin planning your next Christian women’s event.  Share this list with influencers in your faith community. Listed in Alphabetical Order

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Unpretty Prius | Becky Baker

I smashed my brand new (to us) car recently … and learned 3 things: 1.  You truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Sounds like a song, but it’s true.  I had a shiny new penny of a car and now it’s not.  Wish I could wave it back to perfect, but instead […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Assignments | Becky Baker

What is your assignment for the kingdom of God? Do you think about this? Whatever it is, it is uniquely YOURS! NO ONE ELSE has a combination of your background, family, history, audience, temperament, connections, talents, and passion. Those are all unique gifts God gave YOU, for His glory. Don’t EVER compare yourself to others. Jesus’ […]