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Put Into Practice The Five-To-One Ratio | Becky Baker

In a long-term study at the University of Washington, psychologists found that they could predict with 94% accuracy the fates of the married couples they were studying. Among the marriages they predicted every single one of the divorces. In order to succeed, the researchers found that marriage needs a ratio of five positives for every negative, five […]

The One Thing that Changed My Relationship with God | Becky Baker

I’d like to teach you a word that I learned when I was a little girl growing up in Belize. Their official language is English, but everybody speaks Creole.  It’s just a corruption of the English language, but it is very sing-songy, and very fun.

The One Thing that Changed My Relationship with Others | Becky Baker

Sharron had been out for a week. She had frequently been absent, but usually for no more than a day at a time. Homework was rarely done, and even though she had a sweet spirit, the drive to achieve or complete assignments was missing. Sharron just quietly came to class and quietly left.

The One Thing that Changed My Speaking Ministry | Becky Baker

I finally got it.  It happened when I read the following quote from Operation World: “The ministry of the children of God is not doing, but praying. We need to trust in God who moves in the ears of even His most implacable enemies. We do not engage in ministry and pray for God’s blessing […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Unpretty Prius | Becky Baker

I smashed my brand new (to us) car recently … and learned 3 things: 1.  You truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Sounds like a song, but it’s true.  I had a shiny new penny of a car and now it’s not.  Wish I could wave it back to perfect, but instead […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Assignments | Becky Baker

What is your assignment for the kingdom of God? Do you think about this? Whatever it is, it is uniquely YOURS! NO ONE ELSE has a combination of your background, family, history, audience, temperament, connections, talents, and passion. Those are all unique gifts God gave YOU, for His glory. Don’t EVER compare yourself to others. Jesus’ […]