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Want to Love (Anyone!) Better? Ask This. | Donna Jones

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way, there’s something about the holiday that tends to make us a little more intentional about showing love. The best Valentine’s Days aren’t the ones where we seek to be loved, but where we seek to love. All of us–no matter what […]

Oh Come, Thou Long (Un)Expected Jesus | Melissa Maimone

The angel Gabriel showed up in a blaze of glory and announced to Mary that the Savior of the world would be arriving and she would be His mother. Gabriel said that God chose her specifically because she was “favored among women” (Luke 1:28). Mary was humbled, honored, and declared, “My soul glorifies the Lord […]

Put Into Practice The Five-To-One Ratio | Becky Baker

In a long-term study at the University of Washington, psychologists found that they could predict with 94% accuracy the fates of the married couples they were studying. Among the marriages they predicted every single one of the divorces. In order to succeed, the researchers found that marriage needs a ratio of five positives for every negative, five […]

Help for Your Hurried Life | Barb Roose

A few years ago, I read a quote that sent a shockwave through my life. In his book, Soulkeeping, author John Ortberg asked distinguished philosopher Dallas Willard how to stay healthy spiritually. Willard uttered a sentence that God used to radically change my life: “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” (i)

Who Can Carve The Turkey? | Lauren Littauer Briggs

My dad passed away just a month before Thanksgiving, and all of us kids gathered at Mom’s that year for the holiday dinner. We were careful to prepare all the typical family recipes in our attempt to keep the holiday as normal as possible and minimize the gaping hole we knew my father‘s absence would […]

In The Midst of Your Storm | Angela Alexander

What do you do in the midst of your storms? I’m currently in the midst of a storm right now. Although I don’t know the future, I’m choosing to praise God, and stand on His promises no matter the outcome! Things may get worst before I see the light, however my condition doesn’t matter. My […]

The Five Stages of Breaking Free From Limiting Thoughts | Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Stage 1: Illumination: Peek inside of yourself. Crafted into your personal story are unique colors of life. The pastels of joy, the neutral colors of everyday activities, the vivid streaks of pains, and the bold accents of victory. The Creator creates unique masterpieces out of the ups and downs of your life. If you look […]

The One Thing that Changed My Relationship with God | Becky Baker

I’d like to teach you a word that I learned when I was a little girl growing up in Belize. Their official language is English, but everybody speaks Creole.  It’s just a corruption of the English language, but it is very sing-songy, and very fun.

Who Is The Star? | Sharon Elliott

It seems to have been born in me to perform before an audience. My mother loved to tell the story of one Easter when I was about three years old. I, like all the other Sunday School kids, had my Easter speech to say. Dressed in my frilly Easter dress – outfit complete with hat, […]

We Don’t Have To Be Afraid | Debbie Hannah Skinner

If anyone was a giant in the eyes of the Hebrew people it was Moses, their leader through the Exodus from Egypt and forty years of wilderness wanderings.

Be Kind | CJ Rapp

I love this quote; “Be Kind Always. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” Just spending a few minutes looking over your Facebook feed! Among the check in’s, puppy pic’s, and new baby announcements you’ll find divorce, death, financial trouble, friendships falling apart, etc., etc. That is why it is […]

The Great Power of Simple Words | Sandra Aldrich

Do you ever have days when you wonder if your life matters? I’ve been there a time or two. But I want to assure both of us that we are making a difference. And often in ways we may not realize. Let me tell a story to show what I mean.  

An Invitation to the Hurting | Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Jesus told the Samaritan woman that God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth (see John 4:24). He concluded that we must worship Him in our heart. During my time of deepest despair, I participated in a lot of faith-based activities, but I failed to internalize my worship. Outwardly, I knew all of the […]

Choose My Husband Before God? | Dawna Hetzler

My mouth hung open as I listened to what he said to me. “Choose your husband before God.” The famous Lee Strobel, who has written some of my favorite books, was on The Good News radio show. Recently, his classic book, The Case For Christ, became a movie. During our interview, Lee discussed that he […]

10 Tips to Help Your Speaker Do Her Job | Kathy Howard

Your speaker longs to be effective. She desires for God to use her in the lives of your women. You can help her help them. Use these tips to help your speaker minister as effectively as possible to your women.