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7 Ways to Know if Someone is a True Friend | Donna Jones

Here’s to one of life greatest gifts–girlfriends! Without them we wouldn’t be who we are. Friends–the right kind of friends–make us better, stronger, wiser. They make us laugh. They keep us real. They tell us the truth, even if it’s not what we want to hear. They listen to our woes, even if it’s not […]

Let God In On The Little Things | Michele Pillar

God wants us to do kingdom-building work in our daily lives! Michele Pillar shares why it is so important to let God in on the little things every day. We are all alike. Our human will is strong and a force to be reckoned with. The good news is our real life is eternal. C.S. […]

The 5 Best Prayers I Ever Prayed for My Kids (No Matter How Old They Get) | Donna Jones

    As a little girl I remember folding my hands, bowing my head and talking to God. I’ve always prayed. But I haven’t always prayed well. Or enough. Sometimes I still don’t. Can you relate? But I do know this: my prayers matter and so do yours. Especially for those we love.

God’s Miracle of Forgiveness | Michele Pillar

The most life-changing, light-bulb-moment I’ve ever had regarding forgiveness occurred in 1990. I was sick and tired of carrying around ill feelings and age-old resentment. Fact is, I needed help to let go without waking up the next day finding I was still mad. When this epiphany happened, I didn’t see it coming. It was […]

Decision Making without Regrets | Donna Jones

“What should I do?” The plea sounded more like a whine when I asked my dad this question back in college. He didn’t tell me what to do. He wouldn’t.

Why You Should Live Confident, Content and Unafraid | Donna Jones

“Do not be discouraged.” Easier said than done, right? Especially when someone squashes your dream. Or questions your ability. Or criticizes your work. Or has more success than you do. Or when failure knocks you right up the side of the head. It doesn’t take much to make us feel the sting of discouragement. A […]

Free to Be Untangled | Michele Pillar

I tore off a plastic produce bag and spent the next two minutes trying to figure out how to open it. I reached for a fat, juicy orange when the woman next to me reached for the same one. “You go ahead,” I told her. 
“Ah, that’s okay, it’s yours,” she answered back, with a […]

Who Sharpens Your Soul? | Poppy Smith

I don’t know how stress affects you, but it can make me a bit irritable, intense, and wishing I could stop the world and get off! Do you feel that way sometimes? Living at a crazy pace, trying to do more than anyone can reasonably accomplish, produces stress. With blog posts to write, talks to […]

3 Reasons You Have Stinkin’ Thinkin’ and Why You Should Trash it Now | Donna Jones

I sensed something was wrong. Let me rephrase that. I smelled something wrong. Very wrong, if you know what I mean.

Resting Our Head on the Pillow of Peace | Janet Eckles

A few days ago, I sat at my desk, sipping my morning fruit and veggie smoothie, and with each sip, I delighted in my favorite Bible verses. All of them nourished my soul. But when I read this one, the message lingered in my head, urging me to dig deeper.

How to Know if I’m Doing the Right Thing | Donna Jones

It all started with two blue pills. No, not that kind.

Candy Jars, Conjunctions, and the Abundance of God | Melissa Maimone

Have you been to a wedding or baby shower where they have a “Candy Station”? Jars of assorted small colorful candies, chocolates, and gummies are beautifully displayed in a menagerie of jars. Guests are invited to take small bags and fill them with whatever candies suit their fancy. (They are so much cooler than the […]

God, Why Am I Depressed? | Melissa Maimone and Barb Roose

Have you struggled with depression or anxiety? What advice would you give a woman who feels ashamed about being depressed or a woman who refuses to get treatment for her depression? ​ For years, Melissa Maimone felt like she’d disappointed God, which totally wasn’t true! She speaks to us in a powerful way about a […]

Why God Doesn’t (Necessarily) Want You to Pursue Your Dreams | Donna Jones

It’s everywhere: the notion that you can and should pursue your dreams. In fact, you likely feel like a failure if you aren’t pursuing your dream, or you battle discouragement if you’ve pursued a dream that hasn’t been fulfilled. Maybe you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum: feeling like a loser because […]

To Protect and Serve | Melissa Maimone

I changed my outfit 7 times. What to wear for an evening of patrolling the streets, keeping the peace, and securing the city until the wee hours of the morning? I was going on a ride-along with the LAPD and wanted to be prepared for anything. I settled on jeans, a black top, and of […]