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HE Is Waiting With You | by Debbie Hannah Skinner

“Wait.” Has there ever been a more cringe worthy word? It’s a verb sprinkled throughout the Bible and experienced repeatedly in life and ministry. While I paused for a painting to dry the other day, I thought about the many things requiring a wait. To name a few, we wait for answers, diagnoses, people, phone […]


Favorite Things Friday | Debbie Hannah Skinner

We want you to get to know our speakers as real people. Maybe you enjoy some of their favorite things.. This week we are checking in with Debbie Hannah Skinner. Debbie Hannah Skinner brings her audiences a powerful message that is firmly grounded in Scripture and presented with the soft Southern sensitivity and sense of […]


Teaching with a paintbrush – Debbie Hannah Skinner

It was a unique idea, but in retrospect, something for which Debbie Hannah Skinner had been training her whole life: teaching the Bible with a paintbrush. Skinner, a watercolor artist, national speaker and writer has traveled from California to Aruba teaching the Bible to women with her own unique brand of colorful, original paintings. Now […]