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In The Spotlight | Are You a Good GOD Listener? | by Debbie Taylor Williams

“Grace, don’t climb the stairs without me.” Pause. “Good listening!” I wasn’t in the room, but could easily envision the scene that had taken place. My daughter-in-law had been teaching two-year old Grace to not climb the stairs by herself. Apparently, little Grace made a good choice and turned from the step rather than scurried up it. […]

Favorite Things Friday | Debbie Taylor Williams

It’s that time of week … time to get to know one of our speakers and authors, Debbie Taylor Williams, and to find out a few of her favorite things. Debbie Taylor Williams’ passion for Christ is evident in her energetic style and insightful personality. Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 29, Debbie […]

In The Spotlight | Don’t Just Sit There … Do Something! | by Debbie Taylor Williams

Aaron Alexis murdered 12 people at Washington Navy Yard on September 16. Reports suggest he played up to 16 hours of violent video games at a time. Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University, reported the following in his article “Do Violent Video Games Play a Role in Shootings?”* “Studies show that violent video games increase […]

The Danger of Not Seeing the Cucumber for the Leaves | by Debbie Taylor Williams

Gently lifting the green leaves, I searched among the vines for a cucumber. Again I was disappointed. My gardening attempts had begun in the spring after enjoying a salad from my sister-in-law’s garden. I had known Loes gardened, but the idea of weeding and watering weren’t my thing. That is, until I ate from her […]

STOP, DROP & PRAY your way to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

DEBBIE TAYLOR WILLIAMS has equipped women in 25 states to pray more purposefully and live more passionately for Christ. “Debbie was absolutely wonderful. Our team wondered how we would ever get 200 plus ladies to attend our conference with a focus on prayer since the prayer service at church is the ‘least’ attended service at any […]

“Learn from Jesus in the Midst of Your Plan B” by Debbie Taylor Williams

Standing in the room, I chatted with the other two ladies and breathed a sigh of relief that there weren’t more people in the class.  The music began and so did the instructor.  No, I wasn’t in a ballroom dancing class, although that would have been a Plan A place for me to be.  Instead, […]

Ba-ooon! Thanksgiving to the Father by Debbie Taylor Williams

“Baooon!  Baooon!”  With a worried look, two year old Logan turned his face toward me then pointed to the ceiling.  “Baooon!”  he repeated, pointing to his blue birthday balloon that had drifted to the vaulted ceiling. “I know, Logan. I’m sorry, but Mimi can’t reach it.” “Baooon!  Baooon!” he determinedly pointed, not accepting my reply.  […]

The Difference between Expectations and Hope by Debbie Taylor Williams

In college I received a plaque that had a photograph of a cocker spaniel and the caption, “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.” I paid little attention to the words, but I thought the picture of the dog was adorable and hung it on my dorm-room wall. Months later, […]

The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World: What to Do When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan by Debbie Taylor Williams

Jamba Besta had planned to be a secretary, hoping to find work in an office as her homeland of South Sudan emerged out a 22 year long civil war. Instead the pregnant mother headed an all-female team of de-miners, removing dangerous explosives from former battlefields. ‘I never thought I would be doing this,’ ‘says Ms. Besta. What […]

Earthly Expectations or Heavenly Hope by Debbie Taylor Williams

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m reminded of my own cancer awareness moment twenty-seven years ago.  For me, it wasn’t through an annual breast screening.  Rather, my experience started as a small pain, definitely not noteworthy. Over the next several weeks, however, the pain recurred, each time growing increasingly stronger. Days later, […]

“…But God” by Debbie Taylor Williams

My name is Amber Carrington,” the young woman began. “I was told that you might be able to help me.” Quickly I moved closer to my answering machine so I wouldn’t miss a word. “My husband divorced me three months ago. I have an eighteen-month-old little boy.” With barely a pause, she continued: “I have […]