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Abundance | Paula Friedrichsen

a·bun·dance: A very large quantity of something. I’m not the most gifted person on the planet—but I do have a “very particular set of skills” and God-given talents that I do pretty darn well. We all do. We all have talents, abilities, and gifts from God that we do pretty well. And along those lines […]

You Worry Too Much | Paula Friedrichsen

It’s a perfectly sunny, almost-spring day and I’m walking through my cute little home… and I’m worrying. Worrying about the fact that we should really have our roof replaced this summer. And how much is that going to cost? This went on for awhile, until I remembered that worry sucks (the joy out of life) […]

Forgiving Silvia | Paula Friedrichsen

The idea of forgiveness seems noble, lofty, and beautiful until we actually have to go about the hard work of forgiving someone who’s deeply wounded or offended us. Forgiving someone who has done you wrong is easy in theory, but the reality of it can be harsh and seemingly impossible. It’s easy to build a […]

Don’t Quit … Perservere | In the Spotlight with Paula Friedrichsen

There’s a story about the California gold rush that tells of two brothers who sold all they had and went prospecting for gold. They discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim, and proceeded to get down to the serious business of getting the gold out of the mine. All went well at […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Take It Off The Shelf | Paula Friedrichsen

In my kitchen I have a cabinet that holds all of my vitamins, minerals and specialized health foods. These shelves hold such things as vitamin C, multi-vitamins, fish oil soft-gels, calcium, and magnesium. In addition to these, I also have a jar of flaxseed, a ziplock bag of oat bran, and a canister of wheat […]

Favorite Things Friday | Paula Friedrichsen

It’s that time of week … time to get to know one of our speakers and authors, Paula Friedrichsen, and to find out a few of her favorite things. The hallmark of Paula’s ministry is her ability to communicate with unassuming authenticity and transparency. By using Scripture, personal stories, and laughter, she presents Biblical insights […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Confront Fear Head On | Paula Friedrichsen

Walking is one of my favorite activities, and I try to get out for a daily trek through the neighborhood. A few days ago, while enjoying my morning stroll, a large German Shepard mix bolted out of nowhere snarling, snapping and growling. This dog meant business! I froze in fear as I watched that menacing […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Pavers of Faithfulness | Paula Friedrichsen

Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:3-4 I have found that great blessing follows “faithfulness”. Faithfulness is putting your trust in the Lord and doing good, even when you don’t feel […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Inbox Infidelity | Paula Friedrichsen

With the advent of email, chat rooms, and other online technology, it is easier than ever for a married person to engage in a private, often intimate, relationship outside of their marriage. In the hothouse of secrecy, seduction can flourish. When Lynn met Bill in a chat room they hit it off right away. His clever little […]

2011: The Year of Living Dangerously by Paula Friedrichsen

Have you read the story of the birth of Jesus in the books of Matthew or Luke? If you haven’t, you should! It’s a story full of mystery, danger, risk, and fear. In the narrative we read about dramatic dreams from God, terrifying angelic encounters, and perilous escapes. And Jesus’ birth isn’t the only Bible […]

Finding the Upside of an Economic Downturn by Paula Friedrichsen

Just over two years ago we were forced to downsize in a big way. In one fell swoop we went from the “upwardly mobile” to the mobile home park. There were several reasons for our downsize, the primary one being that like many Americans we had become overextended financially and needed to readjust our priorities. […]