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5 Essentials for Personal Renewal | Poppy Smith

“I have come that they may have life And that they may have it more abundantly” John 10:10. (NKJV) What have you found essential for physical renewal? Juicing kale, spinach and other veggies?  Not Me! I find black coffee with a dash of cream gets me going. What I do find essential, however, is making time for […]

Who Sharpens Your Soul? | Poppy Smith

I don’t know how stress affects you, but it can make me a bit irritable, intense, and wishing I could stop the world and get off! Do you feel that way sometimes? Living at a crazy pace, trying to do more than anyone can reasonably accomplish, produces stress. With blog posts to write, talks to […]

Conquering Worry & Fear – Key #4 | Poppy Smith

When Fear Attacks—Focus on Jesus   Our world is full of people living in fear. Fear of the future, terrorism, ill-health, money woes, relationship blow-ups, and kids’ harmful choices.  There’s no end to the list. As followers of Jesus we face the same issues, but we have a choice:    We can live under the […]

Conquering Worry and Fear – Key #3 | Poppy Smith

“Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” 2 Corinthians 10:5 I went for a walk one morning filled with dread. As I mulled over what might happen the tears slipped down my cheeks.  Worried and filled with fear, I kept telling myself, and God, that I couldn’t cope if this frightening possibility […]

Conquering Worry and Fear – Key #2 | Poppy Smith

Your Mind: Trap or Trigger? What happens when you start worrying about a situation? Your mind acts like a trap! Like a fly caught in a sticky spider web, worries and fears keep us trapped, fixated on our problems and flooding us with anxiety and stress. Jesus referred to worry five times in just nine […]

4 Keys to Conquering Worry and Fear! Part 1 | Poppy Smith

“Do not worry about your life… do not worry about tomorrow” Jesus, Matthew 6 I’m a self-identified wimp.  If I see a bee hive, or even a solitary bee zooming in my direction, I run. Bees, bugs, and insects press my panic buttons. In fact, one of my worst experiences was in Singapore when I […]

8 to Ways Beat the Christmas Blues | Poppy Smith

Instead of a houseful of kids and their little ones running around laughing, crying, playing with toys and sneaking treats, this year my husband, Jim, and I will be home alone for Christmas.  Perhaps this is something familiar to you, for one reason or another? My automatic reaction is to feel sad and find myself […]

Having a Mommy Meltdown? | Poppy Smith

I had a lot of meltdowns during my mommy years—and they left me feeling wretched. I didn’t want to be cranky, critical, and short-tempered but too often, I was. And what did I do? I hid from God. I told myself that I was a failure as a Christian, a failure as a mother, and […]

What Your Self-Talk Says About What Motivates You | Poppy Smith

I spoke recently to a friend who is super-efficient, incredibly capable, and the rock on which her boss relies. But as we talked, she confessed to being motivated by guilt thinking, I should do this. I must do that. If I don’t, then who will—and then what? If I’m serving the Lord then I have to say […]

8 Questions that Diffuse Anger | Poppy Smith

Flying through Chicago airport recently I heard a woman shouting at the Boarding Agent. Everyone swiveled around to see what was happening. I didn’t catch the reason for her angry outburst but she had no intention of keeping it to herself. After taking her abuse for so long, the Agent locked up his desk and […]

4 Keys for Coping with Change | Poppy Smith

“Moses my servant is dead. Now then you…” Joshua 1:2 What has come to an end in your life? I’m reading through the book of Joshua and was struck by God’s statement. Moses was dead. For Joshua, this meant not only the end of the familiar, it meant the beginning of a new path. The […]

The Comparison Syndrome | In the Spotlight with POPPY SMITH

What goes around in your mind when you see someone who is especially gifted and capable (plus, they’re spiritual and humble)?  Or they have a position you’d like to have?  Do you feel like slinking away? I often do! When you see other women with more personality or friends than you, do you think, I’m […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Keeping the First Thing … The First Thing | POPPY SMITH

When a woman comes to you, crushed, emotionally shredded, without hope, perhaps suicidal or very angry, what do you have to give her? Yes, perhaps the phone number of a godly counselor. But—if you “keep your roots in the water of life” says seasoned leader, Jill Briscoe, God will give you the words of compassion […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Here I Am, Lord – Please Work In Me | POPPY SMITH

Inner growth doesn’t come by lengthening our list of “things I have to do to feel accepted by God.” Other people might be impressed, but if we’re operating in our own energy, all our efforts will amount to nothing. On the other hand, nothing will change in our lives by passively waiting for God to […]

CSS Christmas Series | Holiday Pressure? Watch Your Words! | POPPY SMITH

A few years ago I was asked by a women’s group to come and share some thoughts about how to watch our tongues during this hectic holiday season. They had been studying Speaking Wisely and wanted to do just that! I totally understood their desire because most of us need extra help when the pressure is on! […]