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The Great Power of Simple Words | Sandra Aldrich

Do you ever have days when you wonder if your life matters? I’ve been there a time or two. But I want to assure both of us that we are making a difference. And often in ways we may not realize. Let me tell a story to show what I mean.   Advertisements

A Speaker’s Unexpected Answer | Sandra Aldrich

I left for the airport early, but I wasn’t looking forward to this trip. After I had accepted the assignment, the town where the event would be held had been flooded. I called the hostess, expressed my sympathy and offered to reschedule. She was adamant the event continue. Then she said, “We need your funny […]

Inadequate? I’ll-Never-Be-Perfect? … Do You Ever Feel This Way? | Sandra Aldrich

Have you ever felt inadequate? Oh, I have! In fact, over the years and despite my supposed accomplishments, I struggle with who I think I should be as a Christian woman. After all, shouldn’t I be slim, silent and musically gifted? Well, none of those attributes describe me. But I’m learning—finally—to encourage myself with the […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | How Can I Cope After a Loved One Chose Suicide? | Sandra Aldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich is an international speaker and author of 20 books. These grief principles are adapted from her award-winning book Will I Ever Be Whole Again? Surviving the Death of Someone You Love. Who on earth came up with the saying “time heals all wounds”?  Probably somebody who never had a family member or dear friend […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | On Tough Days, Focus On The Blessings | Sandra Aldrich

Does February 5 hold special meaning for you? For me, it marks the day decades ago when I stepped into marriage. My husband, Don, and I were filled with youthful energy and bright dreams. Additionally, we had deep faith, college degrees and a solid work ethic. A wonderful future was ours, and we marched toward […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | “The Breathin’ Part” | Sandra Aldrich

News of a neighbor’s death caused me to ponder what practical help I could offer the family. As I made my mental list, I remembered a long-ago scene. Even though our children were young when my grandmother died, they remembered sweet visits with her. So my husband and I decided to take them to the […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Life among the Dinosaurs | Sandra Aldrich

Have you experienced a moment when you realized you are older than you thought? I had one of those just the other night as I read a children’s book from the 1990s to my young grandson, Noah. One of the characters needed to call his dad, so he picked up the receiver and dialed the […]