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You Are Not Past your USE BY Date | Victorya Rogers

I got up this morning and realized it was time to make my beloved banana bread from scratch. I got my recipe from an old cookbook from the church I grew up in. The cookbook is at least 30 years old, the recipe probably much older. Today was the time to bake because my organic […]

The Trees and the Stranger with the Chainsaw | Victorya Rogers

God is in control of the details! I’ve “known” that and even spoken of it often from the platform. But too easily in my day-to-day life I forget that in my current monumental challenges that “God has got this”. Much of America experienced major storms in the past few weeks, including my city in Texas. […]

Shake It Off! … by Victorya Rogers

Shake it off, shake it off. Oh yeah, shake it off, shake it off. I love that song. It’s a happy, catchy tune recently released by my 12 year old’s favorite singer Taylor Swift. But I love the overall message—just shake it off. Someone may be trying to get you down or saying bad things […]

The Automatic 2nd Date – with Relationship Expert, Victorya Michaels Rogers

 Your new book offers a unique dating approach. Why focus so much on getting a 2nd date? If you can’t get past the first date, you won’t be booking a honeymoon anytime soon. The sad thing is ladies who would really be great catches are just blowing it and scaring their dates away by making […]