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Who Is The Star? | Sharon Elliott

It seems to have been born in me to perform before an audience. My mother loved to tell the story of one Easter when I was about three years old. I, like all the other Sunday School kids, had my Easter speech to say. Dressed in my frilly Easter dress – outfit complete with hat, […]

It DOES Take It All | Sharon Elliott

Have you ever met someone who is driven? People who are driven are focused, know their purpose, and have clear goals. The difference between them and others is that they actually put feet to those goals. They see the potential of the fulfillment of their purpose and they go for it. They obtain business licenses, […]

Recommended Reading | Boomerangs to Arrows | Sharon Norris Elliott

In the face of high unemployment rates, rising costs of living, economic recession, and the present generation’s general malaise, many parents feel obligated to offer prolonged housing and financial assistance to young adult offspring. But as time passes, how can these boomerang children be transformed into arrows loosed from the parental quiver? Based upon an […]

The Wells your Father Dug by Sharon Norris Elliott

Fathers are important. In the grand scheme of everything God has put together, fathers are to reign as the leaders in their homes, lovers of their wives, protectors and directors of their children, and examples to their communities. God has revealed Himself to us as our Father and expects for that relationship to be reflected […]